Thursday, December 18, 2008

And The Award Goes To

It feels so Great to finally get Some recognition on my little old blog. I've not been on plan lately and I'm really trying to do better. This cold weather has really gotten me off plan. I was walking everyday and even began running. But with it being cold out The last thing I want is to get sick and even passing something along to the Toddler. I've not been getting many comments lately on this blog and I can only wonder why since I've not been blogging very much lately. But, I do have one Faithful Commenter and no matter what I've got to say she always tries her best to comment. I've never have been given an award or even tagged in this blogging world. Who might I be talking about?? Amy from Surfing or Spaghetti of Course!! I've not been taking my thyroid meds lately and I guess thats why I've been so tired lately. I just don't have any motivation. I'm desperately trying to find a Wii Fit and maybe I can get some extra exercise in that way. I've not found one yet but,I'm determined to get one. Anyways Maybe once my daughter starts getting in bed like she needs to maybe I won't be so tired. It was after 1 am before she went to sleep? But her nap was off yesterday and She didn't want to go to bed!! I know I need to do something I just feel awful. The place where I work hasn't called me for work in almost 2 weeks and hubby just wants me to quit and stay home with Leah but,If they can get me some hours I would really love to work and have the extra money! We are looking for a house so we can get out of my husbands family house so pray that I find something soon. Hopefully we can find something we can buy. Here are they bloggers I want to Tagg for this award.

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