Sunday, November 14, 2010

Testing from my iPad

I finally got my financial aid yesterday, so last night my husband took me to get an iPad. I'm using it as a backup to my laptop. My laptop crashed back in April-- my birthday to be exact. Well, my laptop hasn't been the same since. In addition my laptop battery won't hold a charge longer than 30 minutes. I can keep it plugged up in an electrical outlet, but something is messed up with the outlet that goes into the laptop. I'm going to call HP and see if it's covered under my warranty. I can use the iPad for school since I'm taking my classes online right now. I can probably get a tax right off as well. I must go, need to get in the shower and get in bed. Gotta be at my doctor's office at 8:30 am for a pre-op exam, Tuesday is my scheduled C-Section to have my little boy.

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