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Hello world. I stopped blogging really a few years ago and I hope that now that there is an Awesome app for blogging for the iPad that I might try to start getting serious about blogging again.

A look into my past

So I haven't faithfully blogged with blogger since around the time I got pregnant with my son. WOW!!!! That's been about 3 years ago. So let me start there.

Doctors don't know everything.

So as I found I was pregnant the doctors/midwives began running the normal routine tests when your pregnant. For months on end they could not understand how I didn't have gestational diabetes. I may be a big girl but that doesn't mean I don't watch what I eat or have to be labelled like that. I have seen some of the most skinniest people have health issues. I soon found out they thought my son had Down Syndrome which runs on my moms side of the family. Then it was Spina Bifida. Could a pregnant woman go to a doctor so much in one pregnancy. Sometimes I had doctor visits 2-3 times a week. So it was nerve racking so I decided this mama had enough that I was getting my tubes cut, burnt & tied. So that's what I had done. I had a planned C-Section many may not agree with my decision but I felt it was the best thing for me and my family. Especially everything that happen to my emergency c section four years earlier.

The first time I saw his precious face so tiny then:)

Coconut cake :)

Nom Nom Goodness I crave this the whole time. Think this was my birthday cake :))

So Leah's birthday was October 13th she turned 4 that year and I wanted it to be EXTRA special cause I knew hers as well as our life was about to change seeing how a new baby was about to come into our lives. I was soooo miserable. Felt like I couldn't do anything. My scheduled C-Section was set for November 16th. I was there to my remembrance at 5 am. But I was sooo ready to welcome him into our world.

Leah's 4th birthday!!!!

A day with mom & dad @ Chuckles

My Family is COMPLETE

After Devin's circumcision poor baby :(

1st Christmas!!!!

The kids LOVE playing together. Even 3 years later they are each others best friends. Sometimes I wonder why I didn't have another child sooner. I often worried that they would have too much of an age gap. But it's funny how kids adapt well to other kids no matter their age.

Devin LOVES bath time!!!!

He always has and I think he always will. He's ready for a bath clean or dirty.

I <3 my Le Le

His 1st Easter!!!!

Leah's 1st day of school!!!!

1st Halloween

1st Birthday!!!

Mommy + Daddy = Devin Elisha

Mommy + Daddy = Leah Josephine


So who looks like who?



Lost some weight but sadly I've gained back! It's a never ending battle. But I'm back at it so maybe I will start seeing results again.


He grew up!!!

Easter 2012


Leah's Spring 2012 pictures. Gosh she is a doll.


Marty & all our kids we where at the funeral home. In the last 4 years my husband lost all 3 of his brothers. So sad and my husband had to make all the medical decisions on one brother.


Rock Island State park

Leah & her BFF Jasmine



Our Girls



Christmas 2012


My sweet girl telling me goodnight



So that's us in pictures for the last 3 years!!! Wow have the kids grown. The school year is drawing to a close. At the beginning Leah had no idea how to sound out words and NOW she's reading books on her own. She's came so far in the last 3 years as a child who had a delay. That's another story. By the way. As you can my son is perfect EXCEPT for meanness. He's a boy that to be expected I suppose.

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