Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Down & out

Well, since my husbands car wreck I had to go back to work. It doesn't seem right that other people besides me are taking care of my little girl, Leah. It makes me feel like I'm not doing my job as a mother. Marty's aunt Diane is suppose to be watching her but she doesn't. She acts more concerned about those other kids she watches. In my humble opinion she watches more kids than she can handle. Most the time my husband watches her anyhow. She acts like it kills her to watch her while I do anything. I don't work many hours so, most of our money on gas getting to work or doctor appointments, food or other bill. I hope & pray we hear some good news on my husbands dissability claim soon. All kinds of doctors offices are calling and writing wanting more money to pay these doctor & hospitial bills. I don't think its right that we are having to pay these bills when the car accident was that girls fault. I wished I could find some way to make her pay for what
she has done. It makes me furious our lives seem like its been turned upside down because of one person carelessness. We had to move in with Martys aunt and uncle which, I hate. I know I'm not beneath them but, they do so much to get on my nerves. But what else where we to do? Our rent and electric was due the week of the accident and I hadn't even went to work yet and Marty was in the hospitial for 2 weeks. It was the very last thing I wanted. To move in with his aunt & uncle. I know 2 families in one house can be a bad thing.

On a good note though I'm trying my hardest to take better care of myself eat better,exercise and try to take care myself mind, body & soul. I've started doing herbalife and hopefully in the next few days I'll get The Firm Workout DVDs in the mail soon and I can start doing my workouts of the afternoon when I get in from work.
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