Saturday, May 31, 2008

No pain no gain!!

I usually write out a draft for my blog post using my iPod Touch. I
really like that I can do that cause I love blogging but, my husband
doesn't like me being on the computer much so this way all I have to
do is go on my blog site & update it about once a week.

I received my new Firm Series TransFIRMation kit this past Wednesday.
I done most of the hi-def sculpt. Till my husband came in with our
little girl. She was crying. I believe she is beginning to cut her jaw
teeth which are here only teeth left to come in. Anyways, I rested on
Thursday but I done 20 mins of Cardio party Friday, until my little
girl began crying again. I really feel down though because I've been
doing herbalife. I drink 2 meal replacement shakes and various
vitamins. I don't know what it is but I feel so tired, exhausted and
always feel like I'm starving. Don't know what's going on. I really
need to go to the doctor to get my thyroid medication. I can get some
coconut oil and its suppose to help your thyroid and give you more
energy. I thought I might try that. I had a dream I was pregnant &
didn't even know it!!! I would love to have another baby but, I know
I need to get some of this weight off me. I'm too big and people don't
need to let me know because I already know!!! I hate it when people
act like you don't know your fat!!

I'm getting my hair cut & highlighted on June 10th. A girl I used to
go to school with is cutting it. The salon she works for is called.
"New Beginnings" I will post a picture of myself when I get it done.
I'm getting strawberry blonde highlights put in it. I have reddish-
brown hair so, I think it will look good. I'm tired of being down on
myself and not taking care if myself. I feel like Im trapped in some
kinda depression I can't get myself out of. I feel like I can only
workout after work and I told my husband he'll have to watch leah
while I work out cause its the only time to myself and it seems to be
the only thing that releases all the stress. I feel I'm so stressed
beyond belief. Marty's aunt usually does most of the cooking and she
almost makes the same thing everynite. Cornbread,beans and fried
chicken. She is no chief but its food in our tummies. But, its also
high in carbs. I cant keep eating like that. Or I'm gonna eat my way
to a heart attack.
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