Monday, November 17, 2008

On the Move

Well,we finally found us a place!! I'm so excited. We've been living with my husband's Family since his car accident cuz,on my paycheck alone we just didn't have enough $$ aka Moolah to afford to even rent a place. My husband's uncle gave us some land that he said we could build on but,We've hit every sort of road block imaginable. So,Hubby finally decided to move into a place out to ourselves. I've been pretty much begging and pleading for him to move out of his families house 4eva it seems!! We found out my 16 Year old Step-Daughter "might" be pregnant we don't know for sure but,its a huge possiblity. She hasn't said anything to her mother yet. I told her to just wait and we will come to that if we have to. I'm gonna take her to the Doctor when she comes in for Thanksgiving. She lives about 3 hours away. Its been around 7 months since she's even seen her dad. I told my husband that her mom lets her do whatever she wants like she is an adult. What's done is done we can't unchange it. She has no stability in her life. She gets mad at one parent for trying to correct her and then goes lives with the other and it just repeats itself. She doesn't have no stabilty like that!!! If she is preggers I just hope she finishes school She now a Junior in School and she has about a Year and a half left to go. It would have to be hard to be a teen-aged mom and trying to finish school. Motherhood is hard enough let alone having to be one as a teenager. I think my husband is thinking that if her mom blows her top that way she will have a place to come to if she needs one. So Hopefully we'll get moved into this new place within the next month or so. I'm just so EXCITED!!!! We have most of our things packed up so we won't have to worry about the packaging part. We just have our dressers and our beds her at martys families house. I finally got placed at another house at work. I'm only working 24 hours a week :( not good!! I need some more work. I need at least 40 hours a week if we are gonna be living out on our own. I will be working Mondays,Wednesdays,Fridays & Saturdays.

I called the Electric and Water to see how much we'd have to pay to get them turned on and surprisingly it wasn't too bad! So hopefully My husband can Pay the 1st months rent and deposit and I can get the Electric & Water paid so we can get moved in. WE have alot of things that we'll have to buy that we threw away when we packed our stuff up in storage. My husband doesn't want me to take this computer to the new place. He said at the end of January when we get our Taxes he was gonna buy me a new computer. So,I decided I would trade with his aunt. She said I could buy her living room set. Love Seat,Sofa,recliner. I believe its an ashley furniture its not the greatest but,I thought I would repay them since I really don't have the cash that I'd give them this computer since I'm buying me a brand new computer. I'm thinking of a New apple laptop or maybe the new HP smarttouch. We'll just have to see when that time comes. The house we are moving into is a 3 Bedroom & 3 Bath. I might just make one of the rooms into a workout room/ computer room. I guess it depends on my Step-Daughters Situation.

On the workout front...there hasn't been any in almost 2 weeks I guess. I've been so sick. I think I had the flu or something then I think it turned into strep Throat. My mouth has never been so sore. I'm gonna try and get back into workout though I promise. ohh yeah I have to tell you what leah done this morning. I got up outta bed to use the bathroom. Leah was waking up and thought it would be awhile before she'd actually get outta bed. One thing about living with family I have Marty's Aunt to help me with Leah. I figured it would be awhile before she'd actually get outta bed. I was using the bathroom and I heard Leah Yelling "Di...Di....Diiiii,DIIIII" it was so cute. Diane which is Marty's Aunt was up waiting for a kid to get here that she babysits. Well,she came into our room and leah was sitting on the side of the bed. Nothing was wrong she just didn't want to get outta bed all on her own. Talk about lazy. I was calling her Lazy bones this morning. So cute though...

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