Friday, October 23, 2009

Leah Begins Pre-K

Yesterday, I took my daughter, Leah to the local Board of Education to have a Speech & Development Assessment done. The lady asked many questions, in addition to having her many little tasks. She determined her communication & Cognitive was a little low.  I’m not really sure what it means to have a low cognitive. I guess I need to research that. So, she suggested that I go ahead and put Leah into a Special-Ed Pre-K program, which means she would be starting about a half a year early. In my town, children normally don’t get enrolled into The Pre-K program until they have reached the age of 4, and then they have to be the age of 4 by September 30th.  She said she would probably go immediately! She’d get Breakfast, Lunch & a Snack while at school. During school everyday she would take a Speech & Development class to help her. Hopefully by the time next school year starts she will be up to the level children her age are. I believe school is from 8:30 till 2:30 Monday-Friday. Her teacher’s name is Mrs.. Tina, there are two nurses and a Teacher’s Aide that are always inside the classroom while the students are there. I’m hoping she will do well, I fear that she won’t want to stay, because I can hardly get her to attend Sunday School or Children’s Church at the Church that we attend. Maybe the first day might be really hard, especially for me. But, I think once she see’s that she can do so many fun things, she will stay. She is pretty active, and I hope they can handle her. She can be pretty mean to other children as well, so I hope she won’t be a problem. I just hope it works out, because I really need her too. I want her to be around other children, and be somewhere she can learn. But, I also need to go to attend to my own school work. We live with my husband’s family and I just feel as active as she is, that they don’t want us around. Almost like we inconvience them. I know she is quite active. But, come on she’s a little kid too!!!  So if anyone is out there reading this blog, please pray that things work out for her, cause she really needs this, I guess you could say we both need this.

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