Monday, December 7, 2009

Have you Started your christmas shopping?

I've barely done much shopping yet. I'm not sure who all I'm getting gifts for. I have to get a book for leah's book giveaway at school. I've gotten my husband a few t shirts which he really needed. He doesn't have many work shirts and they are all looking ragged. I've gotten leah Several things for christmas.

We got her a 12" training wheels bike.
A Baby Alive
A few outfits for school
 I'm going to try and start working with her after The Christmas Holidays to try and get her sleeping in a big bed!! Its brutal when she sleepys with mommy and daddy!!!! I would love to find her some sort of bedding set that she she would like. She is wanting Dora but I hate her!!! The last thing I want to see is Dora stuff all over the place!lol I guess that makes me a bad mommy,eh?

My husband gave me the money to get my christmas gift but I really don't desire anything? I got everything I was really wanting out of my financial aide this last time I received it.
I got new cell phone service through verizon. I got a blackberry I mean nothing against it! Its a great phone, I guess I'm just an apple girl till the day I die! I also got me an EBook Reader! Its called the EZReader Pocket Pro 5" in pink! It came with 400 ebooks on a memory card. They are mostly the classic but hey free books! It also came with a book light which, I've been using a lot with my laptop if I'm having to do a lot of homework at night! I got a coupon through to get 50% back when I buy my first 10 books through them. PLUS with each book you buy through them you get rewards to use to get more books!
I may use my Christmas Money to pay my Cell Phone Bill Next month. I already paid it for this month so I don't have anything due the end of January! I may buy me a few pairs of new jeans! I don't have many clothes so it would help. I might even see if I can find me a pretty cross necklace. I've been wanting a New Wedding Ring Set and my husband knows that but he has never offered to get it yet! Its like I have to tell him what to get me, instead of being spontaneous and surprizing me! Ugh! how boring is that?

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