Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Feet Two

Leah before Watching Happy Feet Two in 3D

     So we decided we'd take Leah to her first movie EVER! Granted we watch movies all the time at home so it was a completely different experience for her. She has been begging me for weeks to take her to the movies. At first she wanted To see the movie Puss in Boots, but we've seen the Trailors repeated over the last few weeks and I think that had something with her decision in the end. I really loved Pink's role in the movie. It depicts a mother's true role in every sense of the word "mother".  She plays Gloria whose son, Eric wants to find his place in this world when he gets upset with his father and goes off with his two best buddies to another area. His father finds him, but getting back home is a journey in more ways than one. Getting back isn't so easy and Mumble who is played by Elijah Wood must find a way to reunite his family once again. Its a very heartwarming story, but I do not think it is for everyone. My husband had said that if not for the singing and dancing it would be a very boring movie. But I guess it just depends on what you like. I think this movie truly depicts how our world is being impacted by Global Warming and its effects. About two months ago I took a Science class, in which I didn't think I'd like very much but it had became one of my favorite classes I've ever taken. I always said that animals and other living organisms adapt to their environments and this is really true in this case. However, they did not just want to adapt, their survival could not handle that. They not only adapted but they had to find a new way of surviving. So they go on a journey of finding a new way of surviving. I liked how they showed that everything in colder climates aren't covered completely with snow anymore that in fact there is grassy areas, in addition to areas of puddles and little ponds of water that was once frozen with ice and snow. It really opened my eyes what is really happening in places like this especially after taking this science class a few months ago. I've always felt that we have the power to make a difference, but I know not many people feel this way too. I thought I would include the song that Pink sung that I fell in love with. Enjoy! I really love this song, its so moving. A great message as well. I also wanted to say I loved Brad Pitt's and Matt Damon's role in the movie, they made it even more fun.

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