Friday, March 6, 2009

Check-In for HYC,BLBE & 4th of July Challenge

I haven’t been feeling well for a few weeks now. Not sure what is going on?? It might just be the LACK of sleep! I’m actually about to take a nap! I’ve not been taking my Thyroid Meds in over 6 months now so,that could be the PROBLEM!! About a week ago hubby had it so hot during the night with the fireplace & Gas Heating that I was about to roast so that night I only got at most 3 hours of sleep!So,that could be my problem too!! I’m going to try and get in to see the doctor this next week to find out what is going on?!!? My sinuses are all messed up again so,thats came into play too.  I feel like crap and I feel disgusted at myself. I’ve had such a hard time this month with my TOM I never hurt so bad in my life! I cramp all the time it seems so,thought I would go get myself checked out. My husband wants to drop our insurance on me and the toddler and I’m furious about it!!! Am i Wrong in this? Anything could happen to either of us and if it did what would we do?

Anyhoo I’ve not worked out in over 2 weeks and I know that if I just get my butt in gear and just take a walk I would feel better. Its just doing it. When toddler naps I want to get some extra sleep in too!!! Just seems like the nights aren’t long enough lately! Why am I so friggin tired?  I weighed myself this morning and I came in at 259.8 which I believe is a little bit of a loss compared to last week! Maybe its cause I’m not feeling well though. I took vitamins this morning hoping to take them daily in hopes of maybe that will help! I don’t feel worthy of even being able to do these challenges because I feel like such a loser right now. Can you please slap me and make me get with the program? I can’t say that I’m trying really hard for these challenges and that I’m kicking some butt because I’ve not even been working out much at all or even eating right! I really hope next week is better. I guess right now what I need is a nap!

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