Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Support Team

I really want to thank everyone who is been there to support me whether its my online friends,peeps who stop by to read my blog and even family who has been there. I’ve not been doing much of the way of eating healthy lately and I’ve not done much of a workout either but,I’m determined to get back on track so,I want to Thank My Support Team. I really think its important for all of us the have that unrelenting support the kind that no matter what your going through you have them to back you up. The ones that tells you the cold hard facts about getting back into the game. So I want to Say THANK YOU!!!!!

It’s been cloud_rainrainycloud_rain for the last few Days Here in Middle Tennessee! I hate it! I really wished the sun Sun sun would come out. I finally got me a washer but,no dryer yet. I’m going to hang my laundry out for the neighbors to see smile_omg But where its at is a huge fence and only one neighbor could really see so guess thats not too bad. I like to have those crisp sun dried clothes but,I don’t like them if they are so stiff they can’t be moved smile_teeth I’m really wanting to maybe find a way to hang out laundry maybe add something to the wash where It won’t make the clothes dry so hard. Its the only thing I hate   about having a clothes line. But who knows maybe I can find a remedy for that!

Leah is watching Seasame so after finishing this I’m going to try and go for a short walk on the treadmill. My breakfast this morning was a Organic Luna S’mores Bar. It was ok but,its suppose to be low on the glycemic and it has 10g of protein and 3 g of fiber so maybe that will help boost me up. I’m wanting to start eating REAL oatmeal but,I’ve found out yesterday that It cooked too fast on my Gas Stove. I’ve never cooked much in my life on a Gas Stove and I really don’t like itsmile_sad so maybe I can figure out a way to get it the way I want. I’m so used to the buttery & sugary oats. I know I need to get away from that and try and put more healthier fruits and spices in it to give it a taste I’m currently craving. I’m going to try and do a FIRM DVD too either today or tomorrow.  My bones have been achy lately and not sure if its the weather or what? I think a good workout will help remedy it! Well better go and get some things done if I’m going to Have a Good Day everyone. Today’s lunch with be a Knock off Philly Cheese that is low in WW Points will post the Recipe later.

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