Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gone but not forgotten

So much has been going on lately and I really don’t know where to start? I’ve not really been keeping this blog up to date, however I do plan to start trying to get back into the groove of things.
My baby girl, Leah Josephine started going to  elementary school, I guess it was a few weeks before Thanksgiving. She’s only 3 years old so normally she would not even be going to school. But, she had tubes put in her ears, in which they tested her hearing before hand and one of her eardrums did not respond. I’m hoping that the tubes have helped! I do see a great improvement over the last several months. Any ways the ear doctor thought she should be tested to see if she is where she needs to be in different area’s of development. She was tested through our public school system. They said she was about a year behind in cognitive development and communitive she was around 6 months behind. But I have seen a lot of improvement in her vocabulary in the last several months and I think she is doing very well. They think she will still be able to start kindergarten with kids her own age.
Since October my husband and I have done nothing BUT argue! I knew something was wrong, I just didn’t know what? I think a woman knows when something is going on. My sister, Marcia always told me you would know. I think a woman always has something about them to tell them when something isn’t right. Be it about your marriage or someone who isn’t of good company to your children. I won’t give all the details of everything that went on cause, I know there are people that I know in RL that I think is none of their business. I believe that one of the men he is good friends with at work, who we know pretty good cause we’ve been to church with them that has been talking to him. I ask his wife to pray for him. I know my mom has, and I have too. To be honest I think our little girl has too. I know most people do not agree with me taking him back. But, I’ve never believed in divorce. I want my daughter to have both me and her father around to be there for her.
I had to drop one of my courses in school this semester, so now I’m currently only taking one class at a time. But I know next semester if I continue to go to school I need to add another class. I’m thinking of transferring and taking one class at a time anyways, Cause I’m seriously hoping I can find a job soon. We are going to try and move out of my husband’s aunts house soon so I want to be out of our own at least by the first of May. Which should be pretty doable. I don’t think I can really concentrate on school as much I think doing one course at a time would be plenty enough. With a family, a house to manage on my own, and running after a 3 year old. School would be overwhelming if I take too many classes at once.
Well, I’ve not been working out like I should but I really want to start trying to get back on track. I hope we can find a place that has enough room to put up my treadmill so I can begin to do my running/ walking once again. I have plenty of workout dvd’s too so maybe soon we will have the room to do that! I took some before pictures of me the other day, thought I would take a front and side view picture of myself once a month. I have a new camera and tripod so who knows one day I might get brave and do some actual vlogging. 

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