Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Your a pain in my ummm back!

So yesterday I was at our Local Wal-Mart when I was rushing to get my 3 year old and myself to the "Family" restroom. I grabbed leah out of the Grocery Cart and must of turned the wrong way and now my back is hurting AGAIN! I just hurt my back I guess about 3 months ago. Ugh! I found a job!!! So orientation is tomorrow, I really hope that I can stand to sit up just about all day. It's suppose to last all day long! But its a paid orientation so that is good to know that I will be paid for my time there. Was going to go by the Cookeville YMCA which is in the town I will be working in. I thought since I'd be working over there that I would get a membership there than here in my hometown. My hometown's YMCA just doesn't have anything worth mentioning!!!! They have a few treadmills and ellipticals and huge assortment of big weight machines really for men but they have a pool OUTSIDE but other than that there isn't much there. At the Cookeville Y they even have an area for younger kids to workout so to speak. Leah is in school now, so really she wouldn't be over there much maybe on the weekend or something. I plan to go workout either before work or afterwards depending on what my schedule is going to be like. I want to come up with some sort of plan to go by but not sure yet. I defiantely should walk/run but other than that not sure what to do. I am going to be using my Nike+ now that I have Nike+ shoes and an ipod touch that has the Nike+ app on there. I'm hoping that I can get wifi connection over there cause if so I can use the fitness apps that shows you various exercises to do.

Here is a list of know perks

Inside & Outside Pool
about 20-30 treadmills
about 10 ellipticals
a couple stair steppers
A huge assortment of weight machines and not just for men which is a good thing
an area for workout which is similar to the curves program
Sitter's/Playroom for smaller children so the parents can workout

plus so much more............now if only my back gets better so I can start working out! I guess I need to ease into it so I don't do even more damage to my back. I'm sure it will be better in a few days! Maybe by monday I can begin my workouts!

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