Monday, July 7, 2008

A new start

A new start

I read a post that Roni posted on Weight Watchen. She said there was different levels of Food Journaling. Which, is so true!! I know that if I don't journal my foods then how will I ever know what I'm doing wrong. We can't do anything as far as grocery shopping goes cause, I don't get paid till tomorrow
I know I have to loose this weight and I don't think I ever will unless I just do what needs to be done. Such as journaling, planning my meals ahead and exercising. Since I've not gotten paid in 3 weeks I've not went to the grocery store and done any real grocery shopping. We've got plenty of food but, its not so healthy. This is my first day of Jornaling.

July 07,2008--

Today's Weigh-In:

Breakfast: Points
4 slices of white bread
4 tbsp of butter
4 slices of cheese
12 oz. Can Dr. Pepper

Snacks: Points
3 chocolate oatmeal cookies

Daily Water intake: 20 Oz.
Fruits & Veggies: none

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