Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally Scrobbling With Last.Fm Once Again!

Ever since I updated my ipod Touch to the new software update and downloaded the iTunes 8 I've not been able to sucessfully scrobble my ipod to Last.Fm Which really sicks because I love Music and I love and I love having the ability to scrobble all my music to my account. I think I've listened to over 900 songs since getting my ipod. I don't listen to music on it very much but,thats quite a bit. So I'm VERY happy now that I'm scrobbling with Last.FM once again!!! Not really sure how I done it but,I think I manually scrobbled using the Last.FM program I have on my computer. Now if only iTunes and Last.FM will get with the program and update their app for the iPod Touch/iPhone. Since updating to iTunes 8 I don't think many ppl have gotten any sound when using the Last.FM app hopefully soon

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