Sunday, September 21, 2008

Running Late

Well I was late for work this morning. I called the lady I take care of as well the office of the company I work through. I had to pay my insurance on my jeep grand Cherokee. It was past due on the 17th with it being late I needed to go into the office. Not to mention I had to go by our local Co-Op to buy feed for the pigs & goats. My husband & his cousin started a little farm. You can actually make some money off them. So Hubby works late and Hubby cousin doesn't have his luscense to pick up the feed so, I'm left to do it and I'm the one to loose money in the process. The lady I take care of didn't like it at all. But it couldn't be helped! I've been working late so what does everyone expect?? I've got things to do besides take care of someone 24/7. My RESP hours end a week from Tuesday and I'm really glad! Not as much money but I've got other things I want to do.

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