Wednesday, September 24, 2008

scrubs not the Tv Show

Yesterday I got paid and I'm desperately needing new scrubs. I just started working in home health 6 months ago. With Hubby out of work I was just trying to make do but now that he's back at work I can spend more freely. I stayed up till almost midnight looking around. I got me a pair of the new Grey's Anatomy Scrubs in Royal blue. I love how they feel to me it's almost like a silky texture. I also go me some new iguanamed scrubs I really love how their pants fits me and I got some tooniforms which are cartoon print scrubs. I found seasame street Hopscotch it has elmo and all the seasame street characters. My daughter loves Mo! FYI: Elmo. I also found a really cute fall one but I'm waiting on it not sure about it. So can't wait to receive all my new scrubs in the mail.

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