Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm walking Again Nike+ Again

I've not felt very well the last few days. As some of you know we currently live with my husbands Aunt & Uncle and I hate it with everything within me. But,Marty my husband wants to save money to get a place of our own. Well,Lately I've either been too tired or too depressed to even think of working out. Sometimes I think What's the use of even trying? I tell myself I'll always be fat. But,Yesterday I told myself yeah you'll always be fat maybe even fatter if you don't get off that @$$ so,I thought I'd Start with walking for about 30 minutes everyday. I done that several years ago and I lost weight even if I just had 30 minutes I'd at least walk. So I took my Nike+ Sportsband and try and calibrate it But,I can't figure the thing out. So,I just used my husbands Ipod and used the Nike+ on there. I walked 1.04 miles and I felt so alive I could had actually done more but,My neice Beth Called and I ended up going and hanging out with her for awhile. My Daughter went walking with me as well. My husband was working on the little farm we have here. And past the Goats area we have an empty feild and we walked around in around the perimeter of the property. I work my 2 year old out and I had my husband to come get her she was just too tired to continue. Wow I was getting more energy than her. But,she had a blast walking with me. I have a treadmill and its old and It seems like your constantly walking up a hill and it kills me. I"ve been sick the past few days. I actually got some time off work. The lady I care for has family in from California and The wanted me to wait about coming in till they left which didn't hurt my feelings cause I got some time off!! It sucks cause I've felt aweful I think its a cold?! My husband hasn't worked the last 2 days he said he had a stomach Virus but,I don't know what to believe. I'm sorry but no one else around here as a stomach bug? I really think he eats way too much and he always has a MT. Dew in his hand. I'm sorry but isn't anyone else sick??? My daughter and myself is almost always the first ones sick if there is anything going around. I'm just aggravated because this next Monday is my Daughters 2nd Birthday and I'd would really wanted the extra money. I get paid tomorrow and I'm not doing anything but, getting my daughters gift for her because I'm sorry she's that important to me.

I've added a picture above of my new Lance Armstrong Nike+ Sports band I've not figured it out yet but,Hopefully I will soon! So,if anyone out there has one and knows how to do it please shoot me an email at ezziriah@gmail.com

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