Wednesday, October 15, 2008


One of the blogs I read on a daily basis is trying to make various things that you need working on a habit in your everyday life. Last week was drinking more water. Since I read the blog late in the week I decided to start the week off by drinking more water. Monday I think I drank a glass or two. Yesterday I drank 3 glasses. Today I'm aiming for 5 glasses while I'm here at work. I really need to quit drinking Sodas cold turkey I've been drinking too many Dr. Pepper's lately. The lady I take care of has a brita water pitcher she never uses so I've been using it at work. I hate tap water. I've not drank tap water since I lived in new York. The water was aweful there. I don't have a Brita pitcher at home but I thought of buying one instead of drinking bottled water while I'm at home. I'm going to start drinking green or white tea because I think there are great benefits to drink green/white tea. I just wonder if there are the same Amount of benefits in the little packets where you just add water?does another brand have better benefits than another? Is it better drink green or white tea cold or warm? I guess I need to do a little research on it. I thought it would be best to drink it after I get off work so as I can sleep at night in case it gives me a little more energy.

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