Monday, September 21, 2009

Ears to hear with

I'm sooooo exhausted lately we have been going to bed really late!!
I guess it's my own fault. My little girl hasn't been wanting to take
a nap during the day at all. Not sure what her deal is. Perhaps she is
just getting older.
This morning she had to have tubes put in both ears this morning.
She done really well going to the back with a complete stranger. Once
she woke up she was crying because of the ringing in her ears. She
cried and cried till we got home. I think this was more scary for me.
The whole process took about an hour. Including wait time. Maybe not
even that long. I guess every mother worries about her child. It's
hard to believe she's going to be 3 years old in another month.
Another little boy was there having tubes in for the 2nd time. He was
4 years old. He had a neurolgical speech disability. He was non-
verbal, he could only say one syllabol words. It just broke my
heart! It made me thankful that my child doesn't have any major
health or developmental issues.
Mary Beth
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