Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When does the excuses STOP???

So I find every time I watch a new Season of Biggest Loser that it motivates me. I had to take my husband's Uncle to the doctor today. He has skin growths on his hand, in which they think might be cancerous. It felt like it was an all day event, Which really wears me out. I have to take Leah To her ear doctor Thursday so, I'm sure that will be even more tiresome.

So, yeah biggest loser is really motivating. I really was excited to see Abby's story. I heard a little about it over a week ago, but I really wanted to see it. There is something about some one who has went through tragedy in life that I like seeing them perservere. I've been through sometime similar. I didn't loose a husband or child, but yet I did loose someone close to me. There was many days that death was the easy option for me. It was a choice getting up every morning! I've done this before, but yet why is this so hard for me this time around? It's a choice, but why do I keep making excuses? Its frustrating. I've been so stressed out lately. Living in this 2 family household is driving me nuts!!!!! Marty's Aunt & Uncle drive me nuts. Sometimes I feel that I am one nerve away from a mental breakdown! I have school and a toddler to look after. It seems I have a full plate. I hate to say it but, will be glad when my daughter is in school at least that will give me some time to get some things done!!!!! It can be hard going to school not to mention a kid too! ugh but, I know one day I will reap the benefits from going to school. How do I manage my time> I am sure I am wasting some of it somewhere. I guess I need to do something to make sure I get my exercise in.

I'm looking for some sort of eating plan that I can stay on. I've done weight watchers but, want something else. If anyone know of anything else and can give me ideas please let me know.

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