Saturday, February 28, 2009

↑ ↑ ↑ And Away we Go!!

Saturdays are my Weigh-In Days now and I weighed in at 260.4 which is a .4 gain!!! UGH! I no its not alot but,I don't want to settle into a comfort zone and just give up this journey! I've not worked out since A week ago this past Tuesday which is going on 2 weeks and I need to get out of this slump. I got sick It was TOM I had one rough go with TOM this past month but,its been 4-5 months since TOM Visted too! I cramped so bad it made me sick. I've still actually been cramping too. I was so sick though to the point of actually throwing up well almost. But my back hurt like crazy,I had aweful headaches. I NEVER Had these PMS symptoms like I have since having a kid. Actually I never cramp before at all before having a kid. I guess its part of becoming a woman I guess. I am going to try and get in to see the doctor in the next few weeks to make sure nothing has been going on. My older doctor said about 2 years ago said he found some fibroids and that could explain the severe cramping but My OB/GYN claim that I was fine. But they also said I didn't have Post Partum Depression too and I know differently on that. I wonder how they every get things right??? But maybe TOM has made my weight a little off? I've still be cramping this past week and I've been off TOM for a week now. Last night I cramp enough to keep me irritated and not able to go to sleep. We use Wood heat as backup heat and hubby had it SO hot in the house that I felt like I was about to roast. He turned the air on.

My neices came over last night and Of Course Leah had a blast. Its cute how Leah says My Neice, Christinas Name. its more like Cneena. LOL :-) HER BF picked her up then we left to do our laundry and we just got back about an hour ago. I'm still not finished with all of our laundry but,I was ready to come home cook dinner and settle in for the night. Cause,I'm seriously going to crash early tonight! I'm Serious I guess I slept maybe 3 hours so This girl is ready for some ZZZZZ's

So My plan is to Rest tonight and maybe not go to church and Rest And be back in comission by Monday so that I can be back on plan!! I want to start journaling and keeping up with my points no matter how much the damage is. I know I'm on a tight budget but,I got to stick with the plan no matter the cost.

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