Friday, February 20, 2009

Please Pray for Allen

I just got an email from one of the Girls I graduated High School with and I really wanted to share this with everyone. I've known Allen forever and went to school with him every since Elementary School and For the last few years he's Been going through one ordeal after another His cancer has spread and all I can ask of you is to PRAY! Here is the email I got from Charity:

Class Of 1998


Below is an email I recieved yesterday from Tim Allen Brown's wife. Please keep him and his family (wife and small children) in your thoughts and prayers for healing,strength and comfort. This is and has been a very long and ongoing battle for them.

"Thank you so much for sending the picture.I know Allen will appreciate it. He is in the hospital right now. He had a biopsy today and is not doing too well. His cancer has spread considerably in the last month or so. He now has tumors in both lungs as well as two tumors in his right hip and on in his third rib. He was scheduled to start a stem cell transplant but that has been postponed indefinitely because at this point they dont think it will help him. We are praying the doctors will be able to give him chemo to shrink the tumors and possibly give him a chance for the stem cell transplant before too long. Just wanted to update you on his cancer and thanks again for the picture it will really mean a lot to him."
Shannon Brown (Allen's wife)

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