Sunday, February 8, 2009

Update on My Weight Loss

So most of you know I've moved and things have been pretty hectic with the move. I just weighed myself and I'm NOT happy!! I think I've gained 3 lbs since my Last Weigh-In from BLBE but,I won't let that stop me. I ordered a Treadmill and yesterday I got an email saying that it was shipped on Friday so "maybe" one day this week I will get it. I want to start walking/running at least 30 minutes a day maybe while My Toddler,Leah is Taking her nap during the day. I want to finally finish the C25K Program for once and stick with it for once. I've yet to get me a Wii-Fit and I'd really like to have one but,right now I just don't have the money for one. Sooo...maybe soon or maybe someone will give me one *hint*hint lol....

I've been sick on and off since October with this God Aweful Croup I have such a sore throat and my ears ache. I will get rid of it and then get it a few weeks later.I might have to break down and go see the Doctor because I'm just sick of being sick. We where living with my husbands family before moving here and His Aunt wasn't a cleaner by any means she made her beds during the day and washed dishes but thats all. I grew up with parents always expecting us to clean the house and My dad went to Military School in New Jersey and then onto Join the US Air Force. I can remember being about 4 and he was expecting company and we cleaned from top to bottom. I mean actually cleaning too not just a spit and swipe. I'm a firm believer in cleaning everything down and getting rid of all germs. Marty's aunt NEVER done that. I'm not saying I am better than her but,God Woman don't you ever clean. I know you can't always cut down on all the Germs but,I don't know I guess when it comes to Cleaning I have a little bit of OCD. I Made my Chicken Noodle Soup Tonight I will have to post a picture sometime tomorrow. Check out my Recipe Box Blog for The recipe I think you would enjoy it!! Yummo-O. I went to see my mom tonight and she showed me her new Pots. They are Rachael Ray. I love her! I want all her Pots & Pans they are so cute. Maybe I can get one at a time. They are pretty expensive. I currently use T-Fal & wouldn't use much else than that. I better get going. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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