Monday, May 11, 2009

Cramming For Tests!!

As most of you know I'm planning on Returning back to school this coming fall. Its been 11 years this month since I've even been in School. I graduated and got my High School Diploma in May 1998. Boy that seems like ages ago! I've worked several dead end jobs in the last few years and this past year I worked in Home care and I loved it! Granted I did get a few patients I didn't care for but,there was a few that became like Grandparents I never had. Some became like Family I never had. Some issues arrived and I got laid off. I found out through a goverment funded program I could go back to school.
So,now I'm have to take a placement test. I took one last week and passed the reading and I must of scored the highest score you can get. The Math not so well. I've always had problems out of math even in early grade school. But,they gave me the materials to study on and I have to take the test again on May 20th. So I have a little over a week to study for it. Its mostly Algebra Stuff. I needed to score a 10 and I scored a 9. Not too bad I don't think for being out of school for 11 years and not even studied not even before the test. So hopefully with a little preparation I can score a little better. I can do this! I got it!! I have to be positive that I can do this. I just need to do a tad little bit better.
I also have to call and Schedule The Net Test which is a Nursing Entrance Exam. I'm not going to be a nurse but,I will be going into the Medical Feild and I have to have a 51% (i Believe can't remember the exact %) in the Reading and a 43% on the Math. I think if I can pass this first test I can pass that too! So,keep me in your prayers that I pass both of these tests. I am going to buy the study guide for the NET Test this week to study on and prepare myself for that test.

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