Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Weekend!


I hope everyone had a great Weekend as well as a safe Memorial Day! Did you do anything special? I thought I’d give a recap of mine. I’ve been trying to get my husband to spend more quality time with me and our little Girl,Leah so he promised to take Leah and myself to a Local School so she could play on the playground. She loves being outside and everything that entails. She begs us to swing her and sometimes as adults we have so much more on our plates and its good to take time for your children. leah see sawing

I had planned on it being just the 3 of of us and wouldn’t you know it my husband’s brother,David & his daughter,Beth shows up! They have really great timing and do this often and I know how they are about not leaving and the sun was already about to go down and we had promised to take Leah and I knew that if I didn’t invite them it would be too late and we’d have to cancel and I didn’t want to do that. So,I invited them and they went to get us all a drink since it was so hot. We walked to the playground and back and played around with Leah it was a great workout for all of us!

andreaprom Friday,My Step-Daughter Andrea came in from East Tennessee she’s not been around since Thanksgiving 2008! We’ve had our differences but,I feel she should at least see her father every now and then. I’m sure coming from divorced parents has to be hard but,it seems like sometimes she does everything she can to make it harder for me being the step mom. She claims she loves her dad and her little sister but,how someone care about something they don’t even want to see? My husband was in a near fatal car accident last year and she was in town the day he got out of the hospital and she never came to see him? Anyways,she got in around 10am but,never came over till almost time for her dad to get off work and her mother wasn’t even going to stop to let her she her dad. I don’t think its right that he pays child support and she never comes around. I just don’t agree with it at all. I know that as a teenager she has better things to do and one of these days she will she spent more time with her daddy. Sometimes we take people for granted thinking they will always be around. Anyways here is a picture of her prom.  she soon Left and we went out to dinner at Sonic and we went to Wal-Mart where I got this Pink iPod Dock that is a dual alarm as well as it plays and charges my iPod. It worked at first but now its not playing my iPod. If I get my unemployment Check I’m taking it back tomorrow and I’m going to use the money to get me the EAS Active for the Wii. I should have the money for a Wii-Fit and the EAS Active. I’m wanting to do them everyday and run about 3 days a week and I think that would be a great workout. Anyways here is a picture of the iPod Dock I got that doesn’t work. Its supper cute but cute doesn’t always do the job! I guess I will just have to keep looking around and get another dock I’m hoping to find something that plays my iPod,Charges it and is an alarm too. I will just have to keep looking around but,if anyone has any recommendations please let me know.


We didn’t do much for the rest of the night but,we went to bed and The next morning we went and got breakfast at Hardees’ and we came home and watched a few Netflicks movies then we later went to a little Festivial in my hometown and we saw some of my Favorite cars the Ford Model A & B Cars. Iremember seeing a model A Type car in Titanic the movie and I know the Titanic sank several years before in April 1912 so how is that possible? I think I will research what year that car in the movie was. 

From Left to Right: 1931 Ford Model A,1950ish Chevy,1932 Ford Model B.


Here is a Video of Kate & Leo in the movie Titanic

Here are a few more videos of previews of movies we watch Via Netflicks this weekend.






Ohhh I forgot to mention! I went to see my Parents Saturday evening. Saturday was my dad’s 77th birthday. I personally think he looks great for a 77 year old. He’s been walking 1 mile Everday! Isn’t that awesome. I’m so proud of him. I don’t know many 20 years old that does that much walking. He was asking if there was some sort of gadet you can get to track your walk and of course I had to tell him about Nike+ I know my dad well enough that if he gets into something he hears about something such as the Nike + he just has to have it. I wish I could afford to get him one. I’d do it in a heartbeat    I think its awesome that you can have a little gadget to listen to your music and keep up with your walks and runs and even have little competitions with other other users of the Nike + Here are a few pictures from visiting my parents. My sister is in a few of these.

We had a small BBQ here with just us we didn’t invite anyone we decided to just hang out with just us! I think I officially got my husband hooked on Facebook especially the Farm Town App he loves playing that game so if you are looking to add him let me know he’d love to have new Farm Town Friends.




Here is the info on Today’s Run. It certainly isn’t my best and I’ve done better that’s for sure. My leg muscles started to hurt. I want to try working on my time and speed. I got a new nike + sensor pouch it’s pink of Course. So I used it in my workout today and I love it!! Here are the details of today’s run.

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