Friday, May 1, 2009

Great Things are coming my Friends

I found out since I'm laid off that I can go back to school my friends yep thats right this 30 year old mama is going back to school and maybe I will be finished by the time my own child even gets into school herself. I found out by watching the news that I can return to school and actually get help in doing so. So,thats what I'm going to do. I've got about 10 weeks till my unemployment runs out and then no $$$$ so I want to prepare myself. This is no jobs at all to be found in this area so I guess I'm doing the proactive thing here and getting my booty back in school. There is a website for my state that lists in demand careers for this area and they can't give me assistance if I don't choose something within that feild. Its mostly medical type careers which is what I wanted to go into anyways so,I guess thats good! I'm in the beginning process of it all so I will keep you all posted! I'm suppose to get up to a $4,000 scholarship just for them assisting me and its also in with the new stimulus to get even more help! So thanks Mr. President!! I'm sure I will get even more aide & grants too so every little bit helps! Wish me luck!

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