Friday, February 22, 2008


Well, like I said the other day My Step-Daughter,Andrea moved out and to be honest I'm soooo Glad because I've had just about enough drama. Its like drama follows her wherever she goes. I'm just sick at how she has made me to be the bad person in all of this. She was in the wrong with what happened last Friday and she knows it and she knows she was in the wrong. But she is trying to make her to be the good person. She told her mom that she would have to clean before she could go anywhere. I'm sorry but what the hell...did she honestly think she could lay around and do nothing around here. Her stupid bitch of a mother called me because of a blog comment I posted on myspace. she said I was a child with posting stuff about her on myspace. well hello dumbass its a blog. what a fucking retard. I don't care She said be a woman and come to our face I was like yeah like you do. I'm sorry but she fucking talks about me behind myback I'm not fucking stupid. I've been told..whatever that drama is over. Andrea was just using her dad to try and get that dirt bike when we got our income taxes but her fucking mom fucked that up when she filed her and wasn't suppose to. Thats not my damn fault. I know she got mad that what money we had was spent on getting me a new vehicle and getting me a new ipod touch but,guess what I don't care because I never get anything I want and I had enough of everyone else around here getting stuff and not me. I wanted me to have something for once. She's such a spoiled brat and wanted nothing but,to try and get whatever she wanted as long as she got what she wanted she was happy. I'm just sick of this crap. she gets child support and I think its only right for me to get something every now and then. She said i acted like a child with writing stuff on myspace but excuse me when did writing your feelings become a crime. I don't care if she ever comes down. She's gonna have to do some real changing before she comes back down here. and it better be a sincere apology too not something thats forced. She had it so bad...ohh she had to clean house well she acted like she helped me keep it clean all the time...yeah right there where times i kept on her about even taking trash out of the bathroom. All she wants to do is talk on the computer to boys on myspace.

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