Saturday, February 16, 2008

it's too early!!!!

Well my husband had to in early this morning so he
woke me up to make him a few burgers to take with him
to eat at work today. Why he couldn't of bought him
somthing is beyond me. He could had been a little more
considerate and let me sleep seeing how I've only had
about 2 hours of sleep!!!!
We where on our way to take Andrea to her moms when I
heard a knock in the frontend of the jeep. It kept
getting louder and louder. Marty turned the jeep
around to go back home. I was beginning to think we
wouldn't get home but we did thank the good lord above
us. As we were getting out of the jeep marty
apologized and said "sorry andi but maybe we can take
you next weekend" she started crying and called her
nanny. She was cring to her saying the car was messed
up and couldn't come up well her nanny said that her
mom and michael where already there waiting on us. She
went on crying saying ohhh no!!! Well,she asked me if
we could borrow marty's uncle hollis car. I told her
no that their vehicle wasn't in much better shape. She
was like I have to go mom is already there. I said oh
no you don't. I said we don't have to do anything. She
went outside where marty was and started nagging him.
I never seen him so mad at someone so quick!! She kept
saying I have to go. He got mad and told her to get
her shit and get in the car!!! I told her I said don't
you care that our vehicles ate messed up and could put
all our lives in danger. she screamed at me " I want
to see my mom" it really ticked me off because she
didn't care about noone but what andrea wanted. She
didn't care about us. Marty told her she was grounded.
But I'm sure her momma will take her side and let her
do whatever she wants. That's her problem now. They
always give into her. I really look for her to move
back up to Morristown,Tn with her mom. Her mom does
nothing but spoils her then when other people does
things she doesn't appreciate them. It wouldn't hurt
my feelings if she did because I'm so tired of the
headache. There is always some drama. I H8T drama
queens!!! My husband seem to argue alot since she
moved in with us. She is always been to leah which
really tixs me off!!!! Leah is a little kid and just
wants Attn but andi constantly pushes her away and
makes her cry. I know its bad for me to say but maybe
its better for everyone if she just move back in at
her moms!!!!!

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