Friday, February 29, 2008

Finally a Room of her Own

Well,now that my step-daughter has moved out Leah can now have a room of her own. I've got almost all of Andrea's stuff out of our house and packed up and at marty's aunts ready for her to pick up tomorrow. I've got just about everything of Leah's in her own room with an exception of her Crib. I've decided to put a twin bed int here so there will be much more room in there. I thought I could put one in there so that if anyone comes to stay the night they'd have a place to sleep at least until i can get Leah used to sleeping on her own. She sometimes wakes up at night and wants to be in bed with us or she gets cranky and not want to go to bed at all so,I thought I would try and let her sleep in there in her new room on nights she won't sleep in her crib thats currently in our room or if she's sick that way since my husband works 12 hours a day isn't bothered with her. I just don't want to put her to a room to herself completely right now because she's just not ready for it I don't think. But at least we can have somewhere to put all of her toys besides in the middle of the living room floor or in a closet! I need to buy some window blinds and curtains for her room though. Other than that she pretty much has everything she needs for her room.

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