Friday, February 15, 2008

About me

Hi and let me first say Thanks for Visiting my Small Blog. My name is Mary Beth I'm 29 Year old and I live in the Middle Tennessee Area. I come from a Yours,Mine & Ours Family. There is 16 of us kids and its really sad but there is only a few that I talk to on a Regular Basis. My dad is a preacher and I grew up going to church. There was things I wasn't dealing with and moved away from my little hometown here in Tennessee to NYC. I lost weight and was down to my goal and I felt good. Then I moved back and despite my dads prayers I kept partying it up. I haven't always had strong Religious beliefs but,In 2000 I had just bought a car and being a young girl that doesn't know much about cars I was sold a Lemon. I had the car a few weeks and I felt like something was wrong with it but,didn't have it check out like I should had. A few weeks passed and I was going shopping with my brother,sister and her hubby,josh. We didn't make it even 2 miles from our house when I wrecked. My tie rod broke in two and I lost complete control of the car. My brother in law and I was on the same side of the car and we both had to be airlifted. The doctors said I'd be paralzed and wouldn't walk again. My brother in law had to have several Brain Surgeries. He just kept swelling on his brain and he was just a vegetable and he wasn't even breathing on his own. He lived for 8 more days. At this time in my life I was always partying and Drinking and I guess there are times in life we need to find whats more important.
I became depressed. I went to church and turned my life around and was trying to live a better life but,I felt like life had no meaning that Why was I here and my sisters husband was taken?? I became severely depressed and what I didn't know at the time was I had a different sister who was going through more than what we ever thought. She committed Suicide and I guess it changed my perspective on alot and I knew I had to get out of this depression and that year a Day After Christmas I met my Husband and he helped bring me out of that darkness. I was beginning to gain my weight back and in a few months Marty,My husband was married. He has never cared if I was a "size 8" he loved me for me he said. Now 5 years later after being married I'm almost 100 lbs overweight and I feel even more miserable. It took us almost 2 years to conceive Leah Josephine but,when we did we where so overcome with Joy. I had medical problems and was put on strick bed-rest and on October 13,2006 They induced my labor. I ended up having to have an Emergency Cesearean Section because she was turned the wrong way. When the Doctors got leah out she had collapsed lungs and only 10% heart rate. I know God was with us that Day. She finally game around and about a week later we went home. My sister lori who has 5 children came by everyday to check on me. I wasn't feeling well and come to find out I had gotten a Staph Infection at the Hospitial. If it hadn't been for my sister I think I may have died. Leah is now 2 years old and she is so smart but,I guess I'm Biased.

We currently live with My Husbands Aunt & Uncle and can I say I HATE IT!!! But,I'm not working right now and I guess we are going to wait till we get our taxes back and we are moving!! I really can't wait to be on our own again. I'm excited we already found a place and the people are willing to keep it empty till we can get it and we may even get to buy it. We had to move in with marty's family when he was in a car accident--honest we aren't reckless!! A young Girl pulled out in front of him. He was almost taken from me in that accident and he's a great driver never known a driver like him and ohh!!! what a great mechanic he is he really knows his stuff.

Other stuff about me--
I love to blog
A Good Movie
Spending time with Family

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