Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just one Reason why I love the hubster!

I'm really proud of the husband. Last night at the dinner table he asked if I was going to take a shower? I said yes mostly because of aunt flo. When aunt flo is visiting I have a thing about taking a shower before bed. Anyho my Hubby was like you've not worked out in a week. I was like yeah I know. I was surprised him saying anything. He then said I don't want to see you fail I actually want to see you do this. I don't want to see you start and then quit. I want to see you sucseed at this. You've tried to loose weight for the last 5 years. It made me happy that he's my man! Seeing that he wants this for me too. I've been kinda depressed lately. I'm almost sure it's me not getting enough sleep. I'm suppose to have Saturday off. So I plan on sleeping in. Taking naps with Leah and resting up. Maybe take a walk Saturday afternoon. I really need to get my butt in gear and get back on plan. Food & exercise wise.

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