Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Nike+ Human Race

I'm going to start training for next years Nike+ Human Race. I know there will be one 08/31/08 and I know I'm not in the shape for that but,I have a little over a year to train for the next one. So,with that said I ran across a beginners running schedule on the nike+ website. Im not sure what I will do once it starts getting colder because i know I won't even attempt to get up earlier to go walking/running of the mornings. But,this is my goal to run a 10K not sure how I will do any running yet see as I can barely walk .5 mile. But,I'd really love to get me a treadmill and maybe run that way. i might wait till marty goes back to work and I could almost buy one with one check. I think that is what I will do cause it will be around the time it starts getting cooler. A 10k is probably around 6.5 miles so,I want to be able to run that with no problem so,I have a year to train and get faster. For one to just walk a mile.

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