Friday, August 29, 2008

Marcia Marcia Marcia

I know this probably isn't a very clear picture but, this is my sister Marcie I think she always spelled it Marcia. I used to tease her and go around calling her Marcia,Marcia,Marcia. She is an old older half sister but thought of her much more than that. She was more like a 2nd mom. She had a daughter who is just 3 months younger than me and we where close too. So we where around alot. I miss her so badly sometimes. There are some things you'll never get answers to and suicide is one of them. My sister shot herself with a sawed off shotgun. I miss her more and more nothing seems to ease that pain. My family is much different now. I only wished we where closer. Almost all families has secrets and ours is no exception. Looking back I wished I could had done more to help her. There has been so much to happen since her death. I try to become closer to my family but it seems impossible. It was like she was our glue. She was the one to organize picnics or campouts. It's sad. I've gotten married and had a child. Who knew??? Lots of people said I was the last they thought to do those things. I only wished my daughter could had known her.

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