Sunday, August 3, 2008


I've been thinking of starting to run alot lately and its probably weird that I've even been having dreams of running. Yeah, I know its weird but,like I said I've been thinking of running ALOT lately!! Anyways if you are intune to the you've probably heard about the nike+ that you can use with your ipod nano. It tracks your distance,calories burned,and a few other things I believe. I think there are even coaches on there that can help you to go even further. You have to have nike+ shoes well you don't have to but,I think it I'd rather have nike than anything. Thats what I wear currently. Anyways,I plan getting me a new pair of nikes anyways when i get paid this week but, I think you can wear other shoes as well. You have to have an ipod nano of course. Which,I don't have one yet but,plan to save up and get me one soon. anyways you have to get the nike+ software too to sync all your runs/walks on the nike+ website. I really would love to start running with nike+ It may take awhile before I can seeing how I need to save up for a ipod nano. They do have the nike sportsbands but,you don't have any music with it and there would be no coaching. Not sure if I want to go that route or not. I need someone to motivate me to get moving.

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