Thursday, August 28, 2008

Filling up the iPod Touch

Last Night I found out I had extras $$$ so,I bought me an iTunes Card and bought Some Music and some things to Watch on my iPod Touch. Here is what I bought.

"21" Will give a review of it when Hubby and I find the time to watch it. Probably tomorrow or Saturday Night.

Television Shows: Prison Break hubby and I have been watching alot lately we just actually started watching it. And we are hooked.

Music: I bought the rest of Tegan & Sara's "So Jealous" album. I really love their sound. yes,I know they are lesbian but,don't care music isn't about sexuality its about creativty!

I also Bought Barlowgirl "Another Journal Entry" for the 2nd time. First it was on CD someone stole it and I just love them. Those girls can really rock. Saw them in concert about 3 years ago and I loved them the sister that is the drummer was rocking so hard that she broke her drumsticks!!! I also bought a few songs off their newest album.

Also bought MercyMe's "I can only Imagine"

so I now have close to 900 songs in my iTunes Library. wowzer I have a varied taste in music,from classical to contemporary christian to idie music. Love music!!

ohh and I added some more Grey's Anatomy Music to my Playlist. I am trying to get all the music off the show. I love alot of the music on there cause alot of it seems to be indie type music and I love it.

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