Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Biggest Loser Night, My day & Disciplining Toddlers

So tonight is biggest loser night! Yah!! Let's Go Team Lynn!!!! Can you imagine getting that temptation? It would be so hard to pass up. I'm going to have to be more aware of the food I'm eating. I've been eating cr@p and haven't been working out either. I know I messed my knee up but I really want to try getting some exercise in. I kept saying I was going to workout yesterday but never did. Ugh!! I really need to get with the Program Already. You need to Push YOU. Any of you BLBE's want to hold me accountable more. Maybe be accountabilty partners? Talk about partners how great was the biggest losers tonight helping dan up that huge hill. Now that's what's it all about. Being there for your teammates no matter what it is that you face.

What about Bob?? I love him and I'd love a chance to train with for 1 day that's all. Why is it that some of these contestants could careless. I've never seen bob that mad. Whoohoo!

I had to watch my 10 year old neice Gina today. Her mom woke me up before 6 am. She said her girls where getting ready for school and her sisters flat iron fell on her foot and burned it. It looked pretty icky. I had this burn gel for bad sun burns and thought that might help her she took a nap after I put it on her. It has a cooling sensation to it. So keep my little neice in your prayers. After leah had her nap I loaded up the truck with another Load of boxes to take to the new place. I took leah's little kitchen set,some quilts that we aren't using right now. I'm big on making sure there is enough to put on the beds just in case it gets really cold. I brought some cleaning supplies as well as some pictures. Probably won't take anything else to the new house till this weekend.

I finished reading "Finding Noel" by Richard Paul Evans. I will try to do a review tomorrow. I can say it was a great read. I started reading "Anne of Avonlea" L.M.Montgomery I love all the "Anne" books. This will make the 2nd book in the series I've read.

I've about wanted to pull my hair out. I was a stay @ home mom till my husband had his car wreck and I had to return to work. It seems Leah has become so out of hand. Marty's Aunt watched her while I worked and Ive seen how she is with Little ones. She screams at them all the time ugh!! So gets on my nerves. Leah has been biting. Most of the time it's when she gets excited or frustrated and even when she isn't being the center of attention and now she has taken up pushing. I am at my witts end. She pushed the other little boy Diane baby sits and laughed about it. I hope she will be better behaved once she gets used to me being home with her again. Is my kid the only one that's like this? Any mothers want to give me tips on discipline??

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