Saturday, January 31, 2009

We've Moved


First off you will see a Nike Training Widget on the sidebar of my blog. If you are into getting fit check out Nike Women to Join in on The Nike Training Club. IF you have an iPhone you can add an iPhone App to your iPhone to use but,It DOESN'T work with the iPod Touch!! Which STINKS NIKE!!! You can even set up your own program as well as add buddies so if you join PLEASE add me at

Yep we are almost finished with this move FINALLY!! I'm so so glad too. How many people do you know actually likes to move? Not me. We have our bed to move,some clothes,TV,Very few dishes,and some toys of Leah's. We should have everything finished Up by at least Tuesday. I'm going Monday to have all of Our Utilities turned on. Which is costing close to $1,000 to have turned on. I'm so excited to get this move over with. We've been having to live with Family for almost a year now since my husbands car Accident. I SO GLAD to finally have my own place and be comfortable and do whatever I choose to do. I'm hoping we can afford to get my internet connection. I have to have my internet I'm too

We filed our Taxes last night and let's just say I'm not happy about it at all! But,I guess I should look at it this way: It could have been less or we couldn't of gotten anything at all. We are getting back $3,888 and some odd change. I'm hoping with all the things we need to do I can do some Sweet Talking to the Hubbs and He'll buy me a Wii-Fit. Our Anniversary is in a few weeks actually 20 days from Today. We will be married for 5 years boy it doesn't seem like it? Where has the time gone?

I've not weighed myself for a week now. I need to find my scale to Turn in my BLBE weight into Lynn before I get moved cause there is NO Telling when I will get my internet turned on. I know they can be pretty slow about coming out to turn phone,internet,etc on so thought I would turn everything into Lynn to be safe.

I've been sick again for a few days now. I was hurting so bad last night that I couldn't even swallow a drink. Thats pretty bad. It felt like my throat was swelling up and my ears hurt so badly that I couldn't stand any noise. I know I might have to go to the doctor. Something is up that I keep getting this? I've had this at least 5 times since October. I've NEVER been this sick in my life. Maybe my immune system is down Maybe its cause I'm not eating healthy I know that has alot to do with it. Eating right & exercise has alot of Health benefits we take for granted. I guess buying a new treadmill will have to be put on hold for awhile. MAYBE once I actually start drawing an unemployment check I can buy one. I got laid off where I work and found out I won't be able to get one for awhile. About 5 years ago I was laid off and I had drawed $800 over the amount I was suppose to get and I just found out about it the other day!! UGH so till that's paid off they are taking my checks Its a good thing I have a hubby that works. So,it will be about a a month and a half before I can start drawing. Isn't that the pitts? I guess I should be happy that I'm getting anything at all.

So Goodbye to all of you till we get moved! I hope to see you again soon

If you want to get in touch with me you can always get in touch with me through my email I always have my iPod Touch and can Check my emails daily.

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