Thursday, January 15, 2009

A loss is my Gain!

I've lose -2 lbs yah me!! I've not been getting on the Computer much since I've been having to chase after a Toddler :P See has just been very What's the word??? Feisty..LOL lately. Like I said the other day she's been biting and pushing. Urgh..Hopefully she will get broken from that soon. So,since I can't get online all the time I have this RSS Feed Reader to add my blog that I read on a regular basis. So,I decided to add all my Team mates on BLBE. I'm all caught up on them and as you post they will be loaded on to this app on my iPod Touch. So while I'm watching TV or something other random thing I can read them. If there is something I want to comment on and don't have the time I email that link to myself! So I will try my best to comment but,being a mother of a toddler that can be a task in itself. IF I get on the computer when Leah is awake it seems like she just gets unruly and goes crazy.

So,my weight loss how I lost it I'm unsure cause I've not been working out. I hate to keep Leah Cooped up in our Room and I've always been the type to not wanting Peeps watch me working out. I was going to the local YMCA and it was even a huge deal working out with people there. Anywhoo,I know I will feel better about the working out deal once we get into our own place. Its probably going to cost close to $2,000 for us to get moved but,to be one our own its worth it. I'm so antious. I wished there was a Way for us to file our taxes so we can get $ to do so even quicker. So,I've not been eating completely what I should. Last Night we had Vegetable soup which wasn't too bad. I've not had a Dr.Pepper in about a week. I've been drinking more water and Fruit Punch Crystal Light. So maybe drinking the water and the Crystal light helps some. The other day I calculated how many Mt. Dew's my husband had and he drank over 800 calories in one day! Alot of people don't think of the calories they are drinking up over half of their calories or even points. I found a Great App at the apple ipod store. Its called Lost it. Not sure If I've talked about it yet but,its a great app for counting calories and keeping up with exercise.

I've been trying to catch up on my Jillian Michaels Podcasts. I really like her podcasts and think they are very imformative and motivating. I've gotten all the older ones and am trying to listen to all of them and catch up. The other night on biggest loser they gave a great site right before a commercial. Never Say Diet. Also check out Exercise Tv or even youtube. Hubby got me a 25 ft. VGA cord for my computer that hooks into our tv which makes for great ways to watchs videos online which is mostly why we use the bigger tv for.

Its cold here in Tennessee and its been TRYING to snow but,its not stuck with us yet! I know some of you may smacck me but,I want some snow already!

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