Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Cake Decorating Givaway

All About Cakes is having one awesome giveaway to Celebrate her 100th post she is giving away

The amazing 100 Piece Betty Crocker® Decorator Kit includes everything you need to create beautiful, perfectly decorated cakes and desserts, just like a professional. The secret is in the multi-directional applicator. Simply insert the disposable bag, fill with icing, attach the nozzle, and select the perfect applicator tip. Then, just point and squeeze. It's so easy, you can do it with one hand! But that is not all because I love you all so much I have ordered the bonus set too. So in addition you get:
*60 more bags
*20 decorator sculpting combs
*6 large tips
*5 new stencils
*Carrying case
*Storage bag for letter tiles
*Tri star tip and more

Back in December was my husband birthday and we didn't have the money so I went And Got the Cake Mix and went to my Neice Beth's place and we decorated him a cake it was in the shape of a Truck cause he loves Everything About Trucks. It was so cute and I had loads of fun decorating it. So I hope I win!!

My knee is still bothering me. I might have to break down and go to the doctor. Our Co-Pay just to go to the doctor is so high. It was killing me Yesterday Evening I think I walked on it too much chasing after Leah. My brother let me borrow his knee Brace but,it itches me. I iced it last night and then put heat on it. Seems like if I elevate it & keep some heat on it the pain goes away.

I finally figured out how to make Different Pages for My Blogger. I'm so happy I love blogger and well,Wordpress you can just kiss my Blog Goodbye! So if you are Reading this Check out my other pages.

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