Monday, January 26, 2009

My Day and a Giveaway

My day started around 5am. I think I slept more when I was actually work than I do now that I'm laid off. Marty went back to work in September and it seems like leah is doing exactly what she used to do before his car accident. She'd get up before he went into work I guess to see him
I had to post office to keep all of my mail from where i live now and The new address cause,I am suppose to get on unemployment but have yet to see a check. Its been almost a month since I signed up and haven't got a check yet. ugh! I know they won't forward it to my new address and I'm afraid its going to be sent back and I won't get one at all :-( hopefully eventually it will get all straightened out.
DH wanted to drive my Jeep so he was going to leave his pick up truck with me but,what does he do yep,you guess it. He took not only my jeep keys but his keys as well. had planned on getting some more stuff moved today but,nope can't do it today. ugh! So irritating. I didn't even have the house keys. oh well,maybe tomorrow. is giving away a cute little personlized stationary set. So Cute!! Bloggy Giveaways is happening this week so check out the site to enter TONS of giveaways. There is over 700 and counting! So awesome and there are a few that I've noticed that's open to other countries as well so all my Canada Peeps can hit up those contests.

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