Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things I need for the baby

I thought I would post everything here that I need for the baby, and hopefully I could find some kindness online and find others who want to send me these items hahaha.....

drop ins it looks to be less of a clean up. I really hope the baby takes to these because my daughter, leah who is now almost 4 years old had a hard time with taking to bottles and we were always changing bottles and it always a battle to find something she liked.I know my niece has used these with both her new baby daughter and her son who is now about 2 years old. The picture to the side of this post is the 8 oz disposable drop ins, of course when the baby is born I will need the 4oz. I've heard that the liners can melt if you try to warm them up, which makes perfect sense. So I will have to see what I will have to do in order to warm the bottle up. I've also so read that the disposable liners can be reused if rewashed immediately after use. I might try that, but it seems to me if they aren't sanitary then It wouldn't do any good. Honestly I'd be afraid that the baby would get some sort of thrash or something.

I gave my old carrier to another family member that was pregnant  and I saw these in a magazine, and I think they are really cute and would really love to have one of these. You can go onto BabyHawk and design your own baby carrier for you and your little to meet your own taste. You can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns to meet your flavor. They aren't your normal baby carrier, and will need to make sure that your little one is secure. I think I'd probably have someone on hand to help me because it looks like you tie the straps, instead of the usual snapping place.