Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Devin Getting mad at the door knob


This is so hilarious i just had to share right quick. He did this for about 15 minutes. Lol
Monday, July 18, 2011

iPhone Users’ Favorite Instagram App Is Coming To Android

So when is it coming out? I've looked around on the web all morning for answers but there isn't any yet? I'm getting my Samsung Galaxy Pro TODAY so I'm looking for alternatives to my favorite iPad apps, luckily Posterous is already there.. wheww Thank Goodness.



Checking to see if my autoposting is working. Thought I'd share my current lock screen on my iPad.

From birth to 7 months


‪What do you love?‬‏ - Google Explorer

Giraffe Print & Pink Owl Personalized iPad Case from Zazzle.com


Just one of the cute cases Zazzle.com offers. If you own an iPad, iPhone or iPod please check out zazzle today. I assure you won't leave disappointed. This is the current iPad case that I've feasted my eyes upon. What do you think? I don't have the cash right now to buy this, so maybe zazzle will see this and take it upon theirselves and give me one for an exchange in a review :) Come on http://zazzle.com what do you say?


From birth to 7 months