Friday, February 29, 2008

Finally a Room of her Own

Well,now that my step-daughter has moved out Leah can now have a room of her own. I've got almost all of Andrea's stuff out of our house and packed up and at marty's aunts ready for her to pick up tomorrow. I've got just about everything of Leah's in her own room with an exception of her Crib. I've decided to put a twin bed int here so there will be much more room in there. I thought I could put one in there so that if anyone comes to stay the night they'd have a place to sleep at least until i can get Leah used to sleeping on her own. She sometimes wakes up at night and wants to be in bed with us or she gets cranky and not want to go to bed at all so,I thought I would try and let her sleep in there in her new room on nights she won't sleep in her crib thats currently in our room or if she's sick that way since my husband works 12 hours a day isn't bothered with her. I just don't want to put her to a room to herself completely right now because she's just not ready for it I don't think. But at least we can have somewhere to put all of her toys besides in the middle of the living room floor or in a closet! I need to buy some window blinds and curtains for her room though. Other than that she pretty much has everything she needs for her room.
Friday, February 22, 2008


Well, like I said the other day My Step-Daughter,Andrea moved out and to be honest I'm soooo Glad because I've had just about enough drama. Its like drama follows her wherever she goes. I'm just sick at how she has made me to be the bad person in all of this. She was in the wrong with what happened last Friday and she knows it and she knows she was in the wrong. But she is trying to make her to be the good person. She told her mom that she would have to clean before she could go anywhere. I'm sorry but what the hell...did she honestly think she could lay around and do nothing around here. Her stupid bitch of a mother called me because of a blog comment I posted on myspace. she said I was a child with posting stuff about her on myspace. well hello dumbass its a blog. what a fucking retard. I don't care She said be a woman and come to our face I was like yeah like you do. I'm sorry but she fucking talks about me behind myback I'm not fucking stupid. I've been told..whatever that drama is over. Andrea was just using her dad to try and get that dirt bike when we got our income taxes but her fucking mom fucked that up when she filed her and wasn't suppose to. Thats not my damn fault. I know she got mad that what money we had was spent on getting me a new vehicle and getting me a new ipod touch but,guess what I don't care because I never get anything I want and I had enough of everyone else around here getting stuff and not me. I wanted me to have something for once. She's such a spoiled brat and wanted nothing but,to try and get whatever she wanted as long as she got what she wanted she was happy. I'm just sick of this crap. she gets child support and I think its only right for me to get something every now and then. She said i acted like a child with writing stuff on myspace but excuse me when did writing your feelings become a crime. I don't care if she ever comes down. She's gonna have to do some real changing before she comes back down here. and it better be a sincere apology too not something thats forced. She had it so bad...ohh she had to clean house well she acted like she helped me keep it clean all the time...yeah right there where times i kept on her about even taking trash out of the bathroom. All she wants to do is talk on the computer to boys on myspace.
Thursday, February 21, 2008

Teenager Angst

we where on our way to take Andrea up to her moms and the jeep was making a funny thumping noise. Marty checked it out yesterday evening and it turned out to be nothing but since i had that car accident i get paranoid over things like that. Plus the road we take is extremely curvy well we came back and Marty told Andrea that he was sorry but,we will have to wait till next weekend. well she went off crying in her bedroom and called her nana who lives with her mom. Well,she asked her if she was still coming up and she said no. She came into the living room and asked if we could borrow marty's uncle hollis car i said no that it wasn't in very good shape. I didn't want to drive the car cuz,the axles and tie rods both are messed up. Well,she went outside and asked marty too. He was looking at the jeep and his nerves where up anyways cuz of the jeep. well,she kept nagging him about wanting to go up there. I never seen marty get so mad in such short time. Well he told her no she just kept on. I went out there and ask her what was so important that she couldn't wait till next weekend. She started screaming at me. then said I wanna see my mom!!! Well i know tonya's (andrea's mom) vechicle was messed up and she never threw a fit like that. I told her what is so important that your willing to risk everyones life. Marty told her she only cared about what she wanted and what she got. and that nothing was good enough. She is all the time putting ppl down about their clothes and braggin about everything she has. she will go spend 75-100 bucks on jeans and throughs it up at everyone. she doesn't even want me washing her clothes because she acts like we have germs or something. HEr moms bf supposedly molested her but,its hard to believe anything she says. I'm sorry but,i know from my past i wouldn't want to be around anyone who every hurt me in that way. I still have issues over things and i'm sorry i don't think i could be around him. well,I'm just tired of all the drama. everytime i turn around there is something else always going on with her. She tells her mom crap that isn't true and then it ticks me off. which causes arguments between me and her mom. I think all she wants to do is start trouble. Her mom called this morning and said she was staying up there and moving in with her. Its just as well really because all she is is trouble. everytime she gets mad at her mom she wants to move off from her moms and then when she doesn't get her way at her dads she is ready to do the same thing. How can you discipline a kid who does that. her mom gives into her up there if she does something wrong here. it goes on all the time. its just crzy!!! i do everything i can for her then she runs her mouth about me too. I told marty that i try to make her feel welcomed and a big part of everything but when she does things to upset me or stab me in the back why would i want to do anything for her if she continues to do things to hurt me. Like the weekend we where up your house she had said all kinds of crap about me and when we got home that nite we got into it about it. I told marty for me its hard to do things for ppl when they just walk all over you.
Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tipping the Scales

well I weighed myself last nite and it was really depressing. i tipped the scales at 275 lbs. I'm so ashamed of myself that i've gotten this big. I think maybe i should just do a small stravation diet just starve during the day and eat just dinner but,I don't want to start old habits. I think to myself maybe I could do weight watchers but,we are on a budget and its kinda hard to eat like that because if its low on points it seems you have to put alot of ingredients in their recipes well,at least the ones I've seen. Well,I also have thought of doing Herbalife again. I lost Alot of weight doing that program about 5 years ago. I got married and laziness came following behind. I had a baby and the pregnancy was difficult and the doc didn't want me doing much so,I gained alot of weight so,then I after i had Leah I got really depressed and there are still times I am and I'm at home all the time and either I'm too exhausted to workout or rather just sit and relax. I can't wait till it starts warming up. I want to go walking at least 3-4 times a week. I thought I would get leah in the stroller and go out walking.... Here is a recent picture I'm not proud of...Photobucket

Cat Fight

Well andrea had to bring her cat down here around
Christmas because her moms little boy was allergic to
it supposedly. We told andrea she could bring it down
here but she had to completely care for it. We told
since she was wanting it she had to buy its food and
litter. Well, for the last 2 weeks its been in heat.
Her mom claimed she had it fixed!! Well usually it
dashes off at the sight of leah. But, since its been
in heat it has actually let Leah hold it. I got my
camera out one day last week and took some pictures of
Leah playing with the cat. At one point I thought Leah
was gonna choke it to death. She was even sitting on
it like you would a horse. The pictures are really
funny!!!! I usually post using email on my iPod touch
then when I've got time I will publish my drafts for
this blog and add the pictures of Leah and Oreo,the
Marty got rid of the cat Sunday. Andrea and her daddy
got into it and moved back in with her mother. Oh
well, that's a story for another time.












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Saturday, February 16, 2008


it's too early!!!!

Well my husband had to in early this morning so he
woke me up to make him a few burgers to take with him
to eat at work today. Why he couldn't of bought him
somthing is beyond me. He could had been a little more
considerate and let me sleep seeing how I've only had
about 2 hours of sleep!!!!
We where on our way to take Andrea to her moms when I
heard a knock in the frontend of the jeep. It kept
getting louder and louder. Marty turned the jeep
around to go back home. I was beginning to think we
wouldn't get home but we did thank the good lord above
us. As we were getting out of the jeep marty
apologized and said "sorry andi but maybe we can take
you next weekend" she started crying and called her
nanny. She was cring to her saying the car was messed
up and couldn't come up well her nanny said that her
mom and michael where already there waiting on us. She
went on crying saying ohhh no!!! Well,she asked me if
we could borrow marty's uncle hollis car. I told her
no that their vehicle wasn't in much better shape. She
was like I have to go mom is already there. I said oh
no you don't. I said we don't have to do anything. She
went outside where marty was and started nagging him.
I never seen him so mad at someone so quick!! She kept
saying I have to go. He got mad and told her to get
her shit and get in the car!!! I told her I said don't
you care that our vehicles ate messed up and could put
all our lives in danger. she screamed at me " I want
to see my mom" it really ticked me off because she
didn't care about noone but what andrea wanted. She
didn't care about us. Marty told her she was grounded.
But I'm sure her momma will take her side and let her
do whatever she wants. That's her problem now. They
always give into her. I really look for her to move
back up to Morristown,Tn with her mom. Her mom does
nothing but spoils her then when other people does
things she doesn't appreciate them. It wouldn't hurt
my feelings if she did because I'm so tired of the
headache. There is always some drama. I H8T drama
queens!!! My husband seem to argue alot since she
moved in with us. She is always been to leah which
really tixs me off!!!! Leah is a little kid and just
wants Attn but andi constantly pushes her away and
makes her cry. I know its bad for me to say but maybe
its better for everyone if she just move back in at
her moms!!!!!

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insane kat

I'm about to throw this stupid cat out the door!!!!

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Friday, February 15, 2008

My Family


My weekly weigh-ins will be found here


In the Next Few Days I will have some Reviews up here so keep checking back. I’ve got a few Movie Reviews as well as a Few Product reviews coming. Not sure when I can get them all so please keep looking. The demands of being a mother can be overwhelming so not sure when I can get to all these reviews.

Changeling ★★★★★ ( 5 out of 5 Stars)

I give it a 5 Star rating. It Is about a Mother who is in Search for Her missing son. The police find a boy who they thought was her son and she is certain he isn’t. She has that motherly instinct and just knows without a doubt the boy isn’t hers. The LAPD have her commited and thinks she is just nuts. She is determined to find out where her son is and never wavers in what she feels is true. I really enjoyed this movie it was very moving. I’ve seen reviews that this wasn’t one of Angelina Jolie better movies and I have to Disagree. I think this is one of her Best Movies Yet. I don’t know maybe its because I’m a mother and it was very thought provoking. I watched this on My 32″ LCD Screen TV through a movie site that I often visit. My husband Got me a 25FT VGA cord as a Christmas present and now I can plug it into my Computer. Its great for watching TV or movies.


Started reading on my book again last night and couldn’t put it down. I stayed up till 2 am reading! I’m finding that love again for reading!!

Finding Noel by Richard Paul Evans a Great book. His Christmas books should be on everyones shelves to make a tradition of them every year.

December 21,2008–Didn’t go to church again this morning….yeah I know Shame on me!!! PLanning on watching with Hubby today and reading my book!! Hopefully I can be done with this book around Christmas time seeing how it IS a Christmas Themed book. I don’t read much anymore? What’s Happened to me? Now that I’m not working maybe I can catch up on my reading.

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Hi and let me first say Thanks for Visiting my Small Blog. My name is Mary Beth I'm 29 Year old and I live in the Middle Tennessee Area. I come from a Yours,Mine & Ours Family. There is 16 of us kids and its really sad but there is only a few that I talk to on a Regular Basis. My dad is a preacher and I grew up going to church. There was things I wasn't dealing with and moved away from my little hometown here in Tennessee to NYC. I lost weight and was down to my goal and I felt good. Then I moved back and despite my dads prayers I kept partying it up. I haven't always had strong Religious beliefs but,In 2000 I had just bought a car and being a young girl that doesn't know much about cars I was sold a Lemon. I had the car a few weeks and I felt like something was wrong with it but,didn't have it check out like I should had. A few weeks passed and I was going shopping with my brother,sister and her hubby,josh. We didn't make it even 2 miles from our house when I wrecked. My tie rod broke in two and I lost complete control of the car. My brother in law and I was on the same side of the car and we both had to be airlifted. The doctors said I'd be paralzed and wouldn't walk again. My brother in law had to have several Brain Surgeries. He just kept swelling on his brain and he was just a vegetable and he wasn't even breathing on his own. He lived for 8 more days. At this time in my life I was always partying and Drinking and I guess there are times in life we need to find whats more important.
I became depressed. I went to church and turned my life around and was trying to live a better life but,I felt like life had no meaning that Why was I here and my sisters husband was taken?? I became severely depressed and what I didn't know at the time was I had a different sister who was going through more than what we ever thought. She committed Suicide and I guess it changed my perspective on alot and I knew I had to get out of this depression and that year a Day After Christmas I met my Husband and he helped bring me out of that darkness. I was beginning to gain my weight back and in a few months Marty,My husband was married. He has never cared if I was a "size 8" he loved me for me he said. Now 5 years later after being married I'm almost 100 lbs overweight and I feel even more miserable. It took us almost 2 years to conceive Leah Josephine but,when we did we where so overcome with Joy. I had medical problems and was put on strick bed-rest and on October 13,2006 They induced my labor. I ended up having to have an Emergency Cesearean Section because she was turned the wrong way. When the Doctors got leah out she had collapsed lungs and only 10% heart rate. I know God was with us that Day. She finally game around and about a week later we went home. My sister lori who has 5 children came by everyday to check on me. I wasn't feeling well and come to find out I had gotten a Staph Infection at the Hospitial. If it hadn't been for my sister I think I may have died. Leah is now 2 years old and she is so smart but,I guess I'm Biased.

We currently live with My Husbands Aunt & Uncle and can I say I HATE IT!!! But,I'm not working right now and I guess we are going to wait till we get our taxes back and we are moving!! I really can't wait to be on our own again. I'm excited we already found a place and the people are willing to keep it empty till we can get it and we may even get to buy it. We had to move in with marty's family when he was in a car accident--honest we aren't reckless!! A young Girl pulled out in front of him. He was almost taken from me in that accident and he's a great driver never known a driver like him and ohh!!! what a great mechanic he is he really knows his stuff.

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