Wednesday, September 24, 2008

scrubs not the Tv Show

Yesterday I got paid and I'm desperately needing new scrubs. I just started working in home health 6 months ago. With Hubby out of work I was just trying to make do but now that he's back at work I can spend more freely. I stayed up till almost midnight looking around. I got me a pair of the new Grey's Anatomy Scrubs in Royal blue. I love how they feel to me it's almost like a silky texture. I also go me some new iguanamed scrubs I really love how their pants fits me and I got some tooniforms which are cartoon print scrubs. I found seasame street Hopscotch it has elmo and all the seasame street characters. My daughter loves Mo! FYI: Elmo. I also found a really cute fall one but I'm waiting on it not sure about it. So can't wait to receive all my new scrubs in the mail.
Sunday, September 21, 2008

College Road Trip

Tonight we finally made it a movie. Just Leah, my husband, Marty and myself. I've been renting movies from iTunes and I've had the movie "College Road Trip" on my iPod ready to watch! Finally tonight we got around to watching it. Personally I liked it. I thought it was Hilarious. It's about a daughter who wants to go to college across the country and daddy has a bit of a problem of letting go.

Bare Escentuals Giveaway

there is a blog giveaway going on for bare escentuals. I've never used it but I only hear good things about it. Go check it out!

A different approach

I've not walked with my Nike+ in well over a month so, I'm gonna try getting up early of the mornings and walk 3-5 days a week. I'm wanting to do my Firm Dvds at least 3 days a week. I've thought of joining the local YMCA but I just don't know if I'd workout at a gym I just don't feel comfortable with it.

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Running Late

Well I was late for work this morning. I called the lady I take care of as well the office of the company I work through. I had to pay my insurance on my jeep grand Cherokee. It was past due on the 17th with it being late I needed to go into the office. Not to mention I had to go by our local Co-Op to buy feed for the pigs & goats. My husband & his cousin started a little farm. You can actually make some money off them. So Hubby works late and Hubby cousin doesn't have his luscense to pick up the feed so, I'm left to do it and I'm the one to loose money in the process. The lady I take care of didn't like it at all. But it couldn't be helped! I've been working late so what does everyone expect?? I've got things to do besides take care of someone 24/7. My RESP hours end a week from Tuesday and I'm really glad! Not as much money but I've got other things I want to do.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall season TV

This next week starts National Stay At Home Week. I'm just curious what everyone will be watching on the new fall line up. I thought I'd share what I'll be watching.

Criminal Minds
Desperate Housewives
Cold Case
Grey's Anatomy
Ghost Whisper
The Ex-List

I doubt I will watch even half of these shows since I currently don't have TiVo. It will be the ones I can remember comes on. My top shows are:
Grey's Anatomy
Desperate Housewives
Ghost Whisper
Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally Scrobbling With Last.Fm Once Again!

Ever since I updated my ipod Touch to the new software update and downloaded the iTunes 8 I've not been able to sucessfully scrobble my ipod to Last.Fm Which really sicks because I love Music and I love and I love having the ability to scrobble all my music to my account. I think I've listened to over 900 songs since getting my ipod. I don't listen to music on it very much but,thats quite a bit. So I'm VERY happy now that I'm scrobbling with Last.FM once again!!! Not really sure how I done it but,I think I manually scrobbled using the Last.FM program I have on my computer. Now if only iTunes and Last.FM will get with the program and update their app for the iPod Touch/iPhone. Since updating to iTunes 8 I don't think many ppl have gotten any sound when using the Last.FM app hopefully soon
Thursday, September 18, 2008

Seeing results from working out

I've been trying to do my FIRM workouts a few days a week and The FIRM promises you'll see results in just 10 workouts. Well I've been wearing these gray slacks at work today. I love these slacks and they've never really been tight but I can tell they are getting loose on me. They feel good to be in. While I got a moment to myself I sat down I'm not sure why but I looked down at my arms and I noticed they are starting to tone up and get defined. I've always wanted defined arms I might just get them yet!! I've not seen much weight loss but I've had to loose inches cause I can tell it when I put my clothes on.

Hubby asked if I've lost any weight lately. I told him I've lost 0.4 lbs he said that's good considering you've not worked out much. He said it seemed like I was loosing more when I was getting up of the mornings and going walking. My hours was changed around so the last thing I want to do is get up even earlier to workout.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Taking my workouts outside

We got some rain and wind off the hurricane. So, it's been pretty cool in the mornings for the last few days. The evens have been pretty nice with the sun out it's not been too cold or hot either. I had to go to town yesterday so beth & I went by the park and walked about a mile. The track at the park has a few inclines and what I like about this park it tells you how many laps equals a mile and how much of an incline it is. I think the biggest inclune was 17% of an incline. My calf muscles are really sore today. I got my weights and DVDs back from her so I think I'm gonna do them of the evenings after work. I'm gonna aim for 3 days of week. I'm also going to try getting up earlier and go walking about 3 days a week.

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Last night I got an email yesterday about The FIRM's new workout system. It's called WAVE they attached a video of it and it looks like so much fun! Hopefully I can get it soon. It's got this curve looking step that you have to learn to place while doing the workout. It looks like it would really work out the abs. I will try and post the videos later.

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Fwd: The FIRM WAVE Speed Slimming System - exclusive preview for you!

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The WAVE's breakthrough design lets you anchor it or let it rock. It's an ab machine, butt and thigh toner, strength and cardio platform and stretching device that lets you do over 100 exercises to slim and tone your body in record time. With its gentle incline for a natural stepping motion, wider base for added stability, perfect curve for greater range of motion and ideal height for increased calorie burn, the WAVE is the ultimate in fun, and fast results!

This revolutionary new system will launch with a full-length infomercial on national television Oct 10 – but as a FIRM customer you will have the opportunity to purchase the WAVE Speed Slimming System starting week of Sept 22 in an early Pre-Sale! So look out for our special Pre-Sale offer and become one of the first to ride the WAVE!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You need to workout especially the times you don't want to

I woke up with my upper back killing me. Not sure why really. I've not been to Beths to workout in almost a week. I've had alot of stuff going on. She has my FIRM DVDs and my set if weights and I need to go get them just in case she decides to move back to Clevland,Tn. I've been working out with her and it's always late before we finish. I get to her house and always have to wait on her to finish a tv show or something else. Being a mother I have a ton of things to do my days are quite chaotic not to mention I work till 4 or 5 at nite. I like to get mine & Leah's baths by the time my husband gets home. I'm thinking of doing my workouts on my own.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

My first Blog Giveaway

First of all sorry about the Delay in getting this up. My little Girl Leah hasn't really been feeling well for the last few days and she was up this morning before 3 AM and didn't go back to sleep till after 6 and I had to rock her then and she'd wake up every time I left her side. I had once thought of calling into work but,decided against it. So,its been one long day. I fought taking a nap all day. I got home and Leah was over at the Next Door Neighbors with Diane and she ran to the truck And I let her in and I drive up the driveway with her in the truck. Well,She ran around the house and we played on the swing set for awhile. I guess we played for 30 mins then we came into the house and she threw a huge fit cause we came back in. I cleaned my bedroom up and done a load of Laundry and gave Leah a Bath. So,thats my busy day! It's been hectic to say the least. I work in Home Health and My Patients RESP hours rollover 2 weeks from tomorrow so my hours are gonna be cut back but,I truly don't mind since the hubby went back to work this past week. So please understand I work till 5 right now and with a little one my days seem pretty much shot once I get home. I used an Online Random Number Generator and I chose 5 Numbers There was 8 enteries between both of my blogs Boo Bear's Place and Boo's Place I think thats pretty good considering that I'm fairly new to the blogging world. I gave everyone a number based on the comments. So,if you commented 1st you where number 1.But,if anyone is interested in letting other people here have a chance to read the book just let me know and maybe we can do some book swapping because I know I would love to read the book. The Winners Are:

1,2,3,5&8 I thought I would post their blogs (if they have one available) for everyone to view





MartyR who currently has no blog....yet! Maybe soon

Congrats to all of you that one and I will be contacting the lady who is in Charge of sending out the books. Please email me at with your email and mailing address info and I will see that you get your book soon.
Saturday, September 13, 2008

Feeling crummy

The last couple days I felt bad and I think it's really a lack of sleep. I've been in bed by 10 pm since Tuesday night but yet i'm still tired. I ran out of thyroid meds & my insurance ran out which is a story in itself. Which I know is a contributing factor of how I'm feeling lately. I didn't go over to Beths yesterday to workout and was surprised to find she never called to find out where I was?!? I'm gonna call her later to find out how things are with her. I'm gonna try and rest up this weekend and start off fresh Monday. I feel like I'm getting nowhere?!? What should I do? Keep going is my only option I guess. I'm gonna do better with getting in bed earlier. I think that's my downfall. How do others mothers do this?

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Book Giveaway ending soon!

I just wanted to remind everyone that the book giveway ends early monday morning so please enter till your hearts content!
Thursday, September 11, 2008


I'm feeling really good and I think it's due to me exercising almost everyday! I weighed myself this morning and my weight was down it was 266 wow! 6 more pounds and I'll have already met my Christmas Goal. But I can't stop at that goal yes, I will be striving forward. I had a little girl almost 2 years ago. I was around 270 lbs. I had a rough labor & delivery and my daughter and myself both almost died in the process. I never felt so helpless I couldn't even care for my own child. I wonder if my weight played a part in it. I do want another child very badly but I can't be that helpless ever again! So yes I'm loosing this weight to try and have another child. Why oh why do I have the desire to have another child.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Husband returns to work

As some of you may know my Husband was in a car accident back in March and miracuously made it through the whole ordeal. He had major hip surgery. His hip was pretty much crushed. It took 3 months for him to just walk unassisted. It's been almost 6 months since the accident and today was his first day back to work. I'm do excited too!! We are planning on building our own home without borrowing money from anyone even a bank. It may take a couple years but we are doing it on our own as we get the money. In a few weeks I'm finally getting an iPhone 3G. Wow! A real cell phone plan. What's a girl to do?!? None of this high priced pay as you go crap! I'm so excited that I will be getting me an iPhone. I might also buy me a wii and wii fit to have something different to workout to while I'm at home. So excited to have hubby working again. More money that's for sure.

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Too tired to workout

Does anyone out there skip a workout because your just too tired. I know I don't need to let that interfere but, I did. I'm tired even more today or so it seems. But I'm going to workout today regardless of how I feel. I almost fell asleep earlier but I got up and checked Nells mail. Leah hasn't been sleeping well lately. I've been keeping a log of most of my food lately and I'm proud to say I've been drinking more water than usual. I'm planning on working out as soon as I get off work everyday! First thing no waiting till later because later never comes around.

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Christian Fitness

There is a program that comes on Dish Networks Channel WHTN at 2:00 pm CST. It's called Christian Fitness and it's a really great program. They do some exercises while Christian Music is playing in the background. In the show there is fitness facts,healthy nutrition advice and inspirational scripture. There website is:

The quoted a scripture today
Whosoever calls on the lord shall be saved. Are you a whosoever? Whosoever is anyone not a certain race or a certain denomination. Have a great day!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Checking In

I weighed in on Sunday I was down another pound. As long as I'm down every week that's all that matters. I started working out with my neice this past week. We started on Saturday. We worked out last night it was kinda late & I hate doing that cause it interferes with my little girls sleep pattern. But we had a blast doing our workout. I'm going to go grocery shopping tonight and get some healthy food to eat. That's what it's all about~living a healthy life!!

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I found a really great app at the itunes app store. I really love this app. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch I highly recommend it. I think you can use it with any Weight-Loss diet that you're on but, I'm on Weight Watchers so I use it for that. You can log food and it saves it and stores it and it's very easy to use that same food later. You can even keep up with the activity points and the extra weekly points that weight watchers gives to use throughout the week. Being a mother and working too I don't have alot of time to get on the computer and log my food journal in every day. I mobile blog alot so it's great someone finally made a program like this.

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Hi testing 123
Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Weigh-in

Starting Weight: 280
07/20/08: 271
07/27/08: 269.4
08/10/08: 270.0
08/17/08: 269.4
08/24/08: 272
08/31/08: 271.4
08/07/08: 268.0
08/14/08: 270.0
09/08/09--268 ( had a bad week!!! been really depressed)


Have yet to post any recipes but will sooonr

Tv & Movies that I've Currently Watched

Dr. Quinn Season 4 Vol 8
Gilmore Girls Season 2
Felicity Season 3
Ally McBeal Season 1
Gossip Girl Season 2
Drop Dead Diva Season 1

Watched 17 again with Zack Efron, in which I thought was a really fun movie. I needed a good laugh!!!I watched it with my daughter and niece gina who was here yesterday too sick to go to school. tryin to think of other movies I've watched recently. I watched Dance Flick about a week ago which was all too similar to Save The Last Dance, which is one of my favorite movies, but I didn't like this movie cause I just thought it was retarded!!!! We also watched Bring it On: Fight to the Finish that even my husband enjoyed and of course my little girl was dancing to the music and the dances they did in the movie. I really need to get my little girl in Dance classes soon, she loves dances around I really think she'd enjoy it!

About Me

Hi! My name is Mary Beth. Most of my friends and family call me Boo Bear. Don't ask me why??? It's a nickname I got when I was really little and its always stuck!I come from a Yours, Mine & Ours Type of family so we are really blended to say in the least. I've lived in Tennessee pretty much my whole life except when I was in my early 20's I lived in NYC, in addition to living in Toronto for a bit as well. I miss the City especially NYC. There is something about the City that I've always loved. But, about 5 years ago I got married to my husband Marty who is an old country boy. He couldn't stand to be away from the farm I don't think. We have a beautiful 3 year old daughter her name is Leah Josephine.

Food & Exercise Journal

I'm going to try and start keeping a food and exercise journal. Not bothering with today since it's labor day so please check back again soon!
Thursday, September 4, 2008

Free Book Giveaway!!!!

Shoot the Moon by B. Letts
B. Letts
I have 5 Copies of the Book "Shoot the Moon" by Billie Letts to giveaway. I've not gotten the chance to read the book but,I love Billies books. I've got a few on my shelf I need to get read. I don't know much about this book so thought I would give you a few reviews from other sites that have reviewed it.

From AudioFileIn 1972, in DeClare, Oklahoma, 10-month-old Nicky Jack Harjo disappears when his single mother is murdered. Thirty years later Mark Albright, Californian veterinarian to the stars, having just learned he was adopted, arrives in DeClare, looking for an explanation from the mother who gave him away. His search for answers to the past turns into a mission of justice for his murdered mother and an explanation of his own mysterious adoption in California. Although the murderer's identity is obvious early, Kathe Mazur's easy-on-the-ears voice makes the story an enjoyable companion on a long road trip. She uses nuances in her voice to move between past and present, giving us a sense of the story's characters, culture, and community. N.E.M. © AudioFile 2005, Portland, Maine-- Copyright © AudioFile, Portland, Maine --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
From BooklistA man's desperate search for his identity drives this riveting offering from the author of best-sellers Where the Heart Is (1995) and The Honk and Holler Opening Soon (1998). No one in sleepy DeClare, Oklahoma, has forgotten the 1972 murder of pretty Cherokee Gaylene Harjo and the abduction of her infant son, Nicky Jack. Hard-nosed deputy sheriff Oliver "O Boy" Daniels pinned the blame on local preacher Joe Dawson, but few in town believed the kindly Joe was capable of such an act. Powerful emotions resurface 30 years later, when Nicky Jack, adopted and raised by a rich couple in Beverly Hills, mysteriously reappears, determined to learn about his mother and the circumstances surrounding her death. Veteran short-story writer Letts peppers her prose with a cast of quirky characters, including a quartet of nosy, domino-playing senior citizens and a perky pool-hall owner who bakes peanut-butter pies. Readers of Sue Miller and Wally Lamb are sure to embrace this memorable tale of love, loss, humanity, and hope. Allison BlockCopyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Here are the conditions of being qualified.
1. You MUST Leave a Comment in this Post and more than just hello
2. You must write a personal email about Some sort of Cold Case you either personally know about or thats been in your area.Or a short story that you have completely fabricated. Hey after all this is about a murder! email me at ezziriah at gmail dot com.
I will be picking 5 Winners with the best stories. I'm undecided if it will be random or not. The Contest will End on September 15,2008 at 12:00 AM CST. I want to give other people amble time to respond. Good Luck!
Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mommy & Punkleknot

This is my daughter Leah & me hanging out at my husband Aunt's House. This was taken sometime this past summer. Not sure when.

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Monday, September 1, 2008

On the Road to Sucess

I have one massive headache right now I really think the cause is a combination of lack of sleep and sinus headache! Hubby and I have had little spats all weekend it seems and it doesn't help matters! My neice came over late last night about the time I was headed to bed and she wanted to charge her ipod. I love her but,jeez!! anyways she asked if she paid for the Membership at the Local YMCA if I would go with her to go workout. I said of course!! She said it opens up at 5:30 am and doesn't close till 10:30pm so,I could always get up to workout if i decided to. But,she said she wouldn't. She wants to go in the evenings. :P I'm much more of a morning person for working out. I have tons to do of the evenings. Not,sure If the babysitter would watch the toddler for a few hours more in the evenings. I feel like if I don't do it first thing in the mornings I won't do it at all.

I'm really wanting a Wii & Wii Fit. I've heard great things about it and there is so much you can do with it. I've not walked in about 10 days now. Hopefully I can get with the plan in the next few days. My weight has hovered around 288-272 for the last too much and I so tired of making excuses and not loosing more than I have. I've got to do more. I read a blog today about her son asking her why she sits around all the time on the time in this one seat. I felt like I was her and I related to her so much. Alot of times I'm sitting and spending too much on the computer reading about weight loss and fitness and not enough time doing it. So,I have to do it!! Tonight me is going to bed early so,i can get up to go for a walk. I'm doing lunges 3X's a week and push-ups 3X's a week. I went to the grocery store earlier. I got alot of produce and I'm happy about all I've gotten. I think I done well as far as choices go. I hope everyone is having a great Holiday!