Saturday, December 19, 2009


I'm not sure if anyone ever comes here anymore but Thought I would write today and tell what has really been going on in my life! I've not really been coming and blogging much. For months No, really on and off since my daughter has been born I've not been happy. Actually, I've been extremely depressed. So much at times that I've thought of suicide. I hate to say or even imagine that. Cause I know what Suicide has done to my family in the past! About 7 years ago my sister, Marcia Committed Suicide and I know that I can't put my family through that again! I have a beautiful daughter to think of. I know that I can get through this its going to be hard. But I think I already know what I've got to do. 

So much has changed between my husband and I. I'm not sure if any of it can be repaired. So much has happened. I love him, but I can't keep getting hurt and I have to do what is best not only for myself, but for my daughter too. I guess it started when I had my daughter, I had an emergency C-Section and had a staph infection  (MRSA) but later found out once I got home about it! Anyways, he has always worked a lot of hours. Leah has always had to stay in our bedroom, because we've either lived in a small house that was only a one bedroom or we've lived with someone where we only had one room to ourself. He would get mad if she cried or if she stayed up late. It would keep him up! And of course he had to be at work the next morning. Then he would begin hiding certain "Habits" I found out about them and finally accepted those "habits" but he wasn't being the person I fell in love with. He told me he was a Good Christian man and that's what I fell in love with. I think we've always argued about him not wanting to spend some time with me and showing me those little gestures that he loves me. But he doesn't. He said I shouldn't have to have that, that I'm living some fairy tale. He told me the other night that what he wanted most was for EVERYONE to leave him alone! He works almost 60 hours a week, and he doesn't want to spend time with his wife and children??? isn't something wrong with that picture? This coming March my husband had a car accident 2 years ago, he almost died. I've had a near death accident, in which I started not taken life for granted so much. But, not him. He has even said he wished he went ahead and died. Well, we where in bed one night. He began punching me in the face. I guess I should of left then. But he said he it was an accident and that he done that in his sleep. Maybe he did but who is to say he didn't do it on purpose to try and make me leave. I don't know. But why stay in a marriage if your miserable and unhappy? I always said I didn't believe in divorce but I guess overtime when so many things have happened you just get tired of caring and just want to be whole again. I'm not working and just going to school which makes this much harder. My jeep is tore up and have no way about going anywhere which makes it just as hard. Hopefully I can get it fix soon. 
Thursday, December 10, 2009


If any of you know me you know how much I love to read. I recently bought me the EZReader Pocket Book Pro in Pink! I love love it!!! I bought it for myself as a Christmas Present to myself. I ordered their package to help others and they gave so much of the proceeds to help 2nd harvest food bank. I love it don't get me wrong, but I really would love to have a Kindle! I mean what is not to love about it. There are several contests going on to win one right now so here is one!

The Great Kindle II Giveaway

An HP TouchSmart 600 PC Very Merry Christmas

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There are 5 Lucky bloggers who where chosen to to try out this wonderful computer to review and host a giveaway! How lucky are they!!! If you want to win check out these blogs for your chance to win, there are 5 chances to win just check these sites out!!!

Kelly's Korner
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so go check these sites out, or DON'T and give me a chance to win ;)
Monday, December 7, 2009

Have you Started your christmas shopping?

I've barely done much shopping yet. I'm not sure who all I'm getting gifts for. I have to get a book for leah's book giveaway at school. I've gotten my husband a few t shirts which he really needed. He doesn't have many work shirts and they are all looking ragged. I've gotten leah Several things for christmas.

We got her a 12" training wheels bike.
A Baby Alive
A few outfits for school
 I'm going to try and start working with her after The Christmas Holidays to try and get her sleeping in a big bed!! Its brutal when she sleepys with mommy and daddy!!!! I would love to find her some sort of bedding set that she she would like. She is wanting Dora but I hate her!!! The last thing I want to see is Dora stuff all over the place!lol I guess that makes me a bad mommy,eh?

My husband gave me the money to get my christmas gift but I really don't desire anything? I got everything I was really wanting out of my financial aide this last time I received it.
I got new cell phone service through verizon. I got a blackberry I mean nothing against it! Its a great phone, I guess I'm just an apple girl till the day I die! I also got me an EBook Reader! Its called the EZReader Pocket Pro 5" in pink! It came with 400 ebooks on a memory card. They are mostly the classic but hey free books! It also came with a book light which, I've been using a lot with my laptop if I'm having to do a lot of homework at night! I got a coupon through to get 50% back when I buy my first 10 books through them. PLUS with each book you buy through them you get rewards to use to get more books!
I may use my Christmas Money to pay my Cell Phone Bill Next month. I already paid it for this month so I don't have anything due the end of January! I may buy me a few pairs of new jeans! I don't have many clothes so it would help. I might even see if I can find me a pretty cross necklace. I've been wanting a New Wedding Ring Set and my husband knows that but he has never offered to get it yet! Its like I have to tell him what to get me, instead of being spontaneous and surprizing me! Ugh! how boring is that?
Friday, October 23, 2009

Leah Begins Pre-K

Yesterday, I took my daughter, Leah to the local Board of Education to have a Speech & Development Assessment done. The lady asked many questions, in addition to having her many little tasks. She determined her communication & Cognitive was a little low.  I’m not really sure what it means to have a low cognitive. I guess I need to research that. So, she suggested that I go ahead and put Leah into a Special-Ed Pre-K program, which means she would be starting about a half a year early. In my town, children normally don’t get enrolled into The Pre-K program until they have reached the age of 4, and then they have to be the age of 4 by September 30th.  She said she would probably go immediately! She’d get Breakfast, Lunch & a Snack while at school. During school everyday she would take a Speech & Development class to help her. Hopefully by the time next school year starts she will be up to the level children her age are. I believe school is from 8:30 till 2:30 Monday-Friday. Her teacher’s name is Mrs.. Tina, there are two nurses and a Teacher’s Aide that are always inside the classroom while the students are there. I’m hoping she will do well, I fear that she won’t want to stay, because I can hardly get her to attend Sunday School or Children’s Church at the Church that we attend. Maybe the first day might be really hard, especially for me. But, I think once she see’s that she can do so many fun things, she will stay. She is pretty active, and I hope they can handle her. She can be pretty mean to other children as well, so I hope she won’t be a problem. I just hope it works out, because I really need her too. I want her to be around other children, and be somewhere she can learn. But, I also need to go to attend to my own school work. We live with my husband’s family and I just feel as active as she is, that they don’t want us around. Almost like we inconvience them. I know she is quite active. But, come on she’s a little kid too!!!  So if anyone is out there reading this blog, please pray that things work out for her, cause she really needs this, I guess you could say we both need this.
Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Birthday bloggy candy--

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Sharon at Cards n Greetings is having a birthday and is giving away some candy to one lucky winner
Friday, October 2, 2009

Giveaways of all kinds

I decided I would blog about some upcoming giveaways. I'm not sure if any of you are into giveaways and I myself haven't entered into any much later so thought I would give some a shot!!

The Nurse Mommy is giving away 1/2 lb bath tea bag which I've never tried, but I am sure is great just the same.
Linda Wisdom Character Contest all you have to do is give your info and tell who or what your sidekick is and their are 3 prizes being drawn for. These books look like a really fun read.
TNT is having a giveaway too!!! They KNOW DRAMA

The Dirty Shirt is having a Frito Lay Tailgate Party Giveaway which I think would be a fun way to go hang out with my dad one saturday or Sunday Evening!!! My dad is a HUGE Football Fan and he loves Everything Titans Titans Tailgaters 1
Friday, September 25, 2009


Baggage we all have it I believe. In this picture there is just too
much and it overflows. I think we are like that, I think there is
only so much one person can take. I've been reading Bob Harper's book
and he has been talking that too truly get rid of the weight we need
to rid ourselves with the baggage as well.
I know that I have lots of baggage that I deal with everyday. Maybe
that is where I'm going wrong. I've really not dealt with my own
baggage like I need to. I've dealt with abuse, I've probably got more
than i care to admit Anything fro
verbal to the abuse of letting people take advantage of me. I live
in a 2 family which in itself is enough baggage for anyone. I'm worth
the change, are you???
Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Fitness DVD Library

First off, I've decided to get real with myself. My brother in law
took this picture with his blackberry curve when they where over this
past Sunday. So yes this is a recent picture. Taken, September 20,
2009. It's a sad reality but I'm the biggest I've EVER been!!!! FYI
I'm the chicka in the white shirt. Ugh it's really depressing. The
last several years I've not been happy with myself. I'm trying to
change some days are better than others. Last night I tuned into watch
HOUSE which I found to be boring. I guess I should of tuned into
Gossip Girl. Anyways, I took a walk o. The treadmill. This morning I
did Jillian Michael's Backside which I didn't do all of because I
didn't have the step or a box. I also didn't do the exercises with
the resistance band. I'm sorry but this chicka had no resistance
bands :(( planning on walking on the treadmill while watching some NCIS.
I received "Are you ready? " by Bob Harper in the mail today. I've not
read much of it, but he said in it: "we have to treat our bodies as
sacred vessels, something to honor, cherish, and respect. When we
treat our bodies with love and care, everything in our life becomes
much, much more attainable. And when we don't, illness and
dissatisfaction will be ours." I think this is so true!!!! When we are
over weight I am not the first to say it, but you are sooo dragged
down and worn out, in addition to being tired 24/7. My brother in law
died a month ago with cancer two years before that his wife died with
the same kind of cancer. Is this a coinsidence? I really don't think
it is. They both where 350-400 lbs. They where pretty young, in which
I really fe they went before their time. I agree with Bob on this
really strongly. It's saddens me that our family has we t through this
but I don't want to do the same thing and die and lave the peole I
care most for in this life. Okay so here is my fitness library
collection so far:
Jillian Michaels Dvd's
30 day shred
Biggest Loser
Biggest Loser Workout
Biggest Loser Workout 2
The Biggest Loser Bootcamp
The Biggest Loser Cardio Max
The Biggest Loser Power Sculpt
One on One with Jackie Warner
Prevention's 3•2•1 workout
So yeah I have a pretty good collection started. I think I have one or
two more In The Biggest Loser collection and several of Jillian's
workout DVD's. So if there are any that you would recommend or think
I've just gotta try please don't hesitate to comment 
Monday, September 21, 2009

Ears to hear with

I'm sooooo exhausted lately we have been going to bed really late!!
I guess it's my own fault. My little girl hasn't been wanting to take
a nap during the day at all. Not sure what her deal is. Perhaps she is
just getting older.
This morning she had to have tubes put in both ears this morning.
She done really well going to the back with a complete stranger. Once
she woke up she was crying because of the ringing in her ears. She
cried and cried till we got home. I think this was more scary for me.
The whole process took about an hour. Including wait time. Maybe not
even that long. I guess every mother worries about her child. It's
hard to believe she's going to be 3 years old in another month.
Another little boy was there having tubes in for the 2nd time. He was
4 years old. He had a neurolgical speech disability. He was non-
verbal, he could only say one syllabol words. It just broke my
heart! It made me thankful that my child doesn't have any major
health or developmental issues.
Mary Beth
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When does the excuses STOP???

So I find every time I watch a new Season of Biggest Loser that it motivates me. I had to take my husband's Uncle to the doctor today. He has skin growths on his hand, in which they think might be cancerous. It felt like it was an all day event, Which really wears me out. I have to take Leah To her ear doctor Thursday so, I'm sure that will be even more tiresome.

So, yeah biggest loser is really motivating. I really was excited to see Abby's story. I heard a little about it over a week ago, but I really wanted to see it. There is something about some one who has went through tragedy in life that I like seeing them perservere. I've been through sometime similar. I didn't loose a husband or child, but yet I did loose someone close to me. There was many days that death was the easy option for me. It was a choice getting up every morning! I've done this before, but yet why is this so hard for me this time around? It's a choice, but why do I keep making excuses? Its frustrating. I've been so stressed out lately. Living in this 2 family household is driving me nuts!!!!! Marty's Aunt & Uncle drive me nuts. Sometimes I feel that I am one nerve away from a mental breakdown! I have school and a toddler to look after. It seems I have a full plate. I hate to say it but, will be glad when my daughter is in school at least that will give me some time to get some things done!!!!! It can be hard going to school not to mention a kid too! ugh but, I know one day I will reap the benefits from going to school. How do I manage my time> I am sure I am wasting some of it somewhere. I guess I need to do something to make sure I get my exercise in.

I'm looking for some sort of eating plan that I can stay on. I've done weight watchers but, want something else. If anyone know of anything else and can give me ideas please let me know.
Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How many times do I have to say it!!!

I've been really depressed again this past week! How does one over come depression without being able to go to a doctor? I've not worked out in the past week, but once! I've been going through a lot of emotional things that mostly has to do with my marriage. Men can be jerks sometimes, and even considerate of a woman's feelings. I Have been watching a ton of YouTube video tutorials of make-up. If you have read my blog for some time you know I love the girly things in life! I've been watching a lot of Kandee the make artist videos. She is such a beautiful person. I don't just mean looks, but she seems to be a beautiful person on the inside too! She has one of those warm and bubbly personalities that is hard to not like her. So check her videos out especially her story  video.
I'm going to try and do better this week and workout. I'm planning on having homework finished by the time my husband comes in from work so he can tend to our daughter so I can get some me time to workout.
This next week I am planning on walking at least 3-4 days a week, and try to maybe do some pilates. I love pilates, may try and find a video on it.Hope everyone had a safe and happy labor day!
Tuesday, September 1, 2009

HYC Check in

I wanted to check in real quick. I usually forget all about check in to the Healthy You Challenge and I'm usually late. So I wanted to make it a point to do so today. I really want to get back on schedule. I've been so down in the dumps lately. I'm trying to bring myself out of it though. My workouts seem to help. Last night my husband said I was crying in my sleep last night. Dunno don't remember it. 

Anyways, I got my husband to bring in my treadmill over a week ago. I think its the best thing he could had done for me. I'm trying to get everything done especially my homework before he comes home and I'm taking at LEAST 30 minutes a day to MYSELF! I've been walking a mile in about 20 minutes give or take how I'm feeling that day. I noticed I weighed less back in May than I do now, but I haven't weighed in over 2 weeks and I'm about 6lbs less so not really sure where to begin. I've gain some weight in the last couple months. So, I'm working to get that weight of now. ugh :(( But, I'm walking everyday and I can see the improvements. 
here are my goals for the week:

Drink at least 64 oz. of water a day
a daily multivitamin
30 mins of exercises everyday
more fruits and veggies
Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lucky Girl Design Giveaway!

Lucky Girl is giving away a design for your blog follow the link for details. I hope to win cause I've NEVER had a custom design done before....ever!!! I want one soon and would love to get one even if I have to buy it!!! Anyways, Go to TypeMom Blog to find out more info
Saturday, August 29, 2009

MAC Make-Up

Okay so, I've always been a girly girl! I can remember being 3-4 years old and my big sisters putting make-up on me! Was always told I had a pretty face, even as a child. I have issues with that, and some of you may not agree but, I love being a girl. I love dressing up in awesome clothes, getting my hair did umm yes did! lol and putting make-up on I love the whole package!!!! I love MAC Make-Up but, have YET to try it out! Always thought it was just for the pros. So about 8-9 months ago I stumbled on tons of Youtube tutorials and I fell in love with it. So, no haven't tried it out but, planning on it soon!!!!! I love metallic/shimmery colors in brown/neutrel colors especially on my eyes. So there are a few giveways currently That I wanna let you ladies know about so plezzze check em out!!!

hmm can't find the other giveaway but if I find it I will def post it!

SweetShuGaHon's MAC Giveaway
Friday, August 28, 2009

Roni's Challenge

Okay so Roni is starting a new Challenge that I'm thinking of starting this Monday! I've been walking EVERY day this week! Yes, that's right everyday!!!! I plan on doing this challenge for a month. I've always heard that to make something a habit you must do it for 30 days to make it stick. I'm just beginning to walk but, I really don't feel this is enough. I want to workout my whole body. So I think this challenge along with my walking is perfect. Here a few sites to get started on this challenge:

100 Push-Ups 
200 Squats 
200 Sit-Ups 

I plan on doing the intial test this weekend sometime to see where I'm at
Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting out of the rut!

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having an awesome week so far!! I started new classes this week!!! They seem to be much harder this time around but, I know if I keep on track I can do it. It's hectic having a child, plus going to school too! So I praise any mother who goes back to school! But, I truly feel it is the best thing you could do. Sometimes when I'm doing school work I really feel guilty about it, then I feel I should be doing something with or for my daughter. I feel that it will help not only me but, her too.

I've been having my homework done before my husband gets home. So, that I will be able to get some time alone to workout. I've worked out 3x's this week. Habe they been hour long workouts, the answer to that would be no! Not even 30 minutes! But, I'm working my way up to that. I had my husband bring my treadmill into the house, so no excuses to NOT workout! So I've using it for the last 3 days. I've worked out about 20 mins at a time. Since I've not worked out much lately I'm having to build myself up. I've not even walked much since I fell last year. I can tell that my leg is really weak but, I plan on building that up slowly is the key. I guess when I did have medical insurance I should of had my leg checked out. But, I don't want to over do it to where I can't walk at all so, I'm trying not to push myself too much. I'm going to search for exercise that can help strengthen the area that my leg is weak so that I can strengthen it. 

Watched a tear jerker of a movie today will defiantely have to do a review on it. It is called "The boy in the striped pajamas" it was so movie. Its a must watch if you are into history especially the WWII era. 

If anyone knows how to fix an issue I have please help. Someone is spamming me I guess you could say. They are writing random messages on my blog but, I'm not sure how to fix it so if you have any ideas please let me know. 
Thursday, August 20, 2009

A great loss

Last Tuesday, We had a great loss in our Family. My husband's Brother, David was 52 years old. He had cancer in the lungs, liver and Kidneys, in addition to his lymph nods. It was a great loss and still I can't believe he is gone. It's so unreal that you have those that you care for deeply by your side one moment and the next they are gone. It's just so unbelievable. In last year, he and his daughter would come over if not everyday every other day. We almost always spent our weekends as a group hanging out and having fun. Be it cook outs, easter egg hunts, watching a movie or playing a game of ROOK. I have to say he, out of any of my brother in laws was cool to hang out with. We always picked at each other. He would pick at me cause when playing rook I'd be reading a book or some random magazine. All the while playing cards. Everytime we played rook he always had to explain it over and over to me. I miss him there is no doubt about that. There have been nights my husband can't sleep at all. I've lost a brother and a sister so I can relate to an extent. Although my brother we knew had a time limit on his life. The doctors once said he had 6 months to live, in which he lived for 3 more years. My sister, dying by sucide was more tragic and was an unexpected great loss no one should ever have to go through. I miss them all everyday. I know though, that my brother in law david is in a much better place. I can only strive to make it into the Heavenly Gates. I'm doing better with my spirtual walk. My family has been going to church for almost 2 months straight now. I guess we got to just strive forward and keep it up!

I've been really depressed lately. I know a lot of it is due to my weight. I have gained 10 lbs since moving which is depressing in itself. I've not been eating right at all. Most mornings I guess I'm too lazy to put forth the effort and I eat what is cooked by my husbands aunt. I know I should be eating my oatmeal or something much more healthy but, haven't. There is so much fried foods being cooked on a daily basis the oil itself could fuel a car. UGH! I guess I need to put forth the effort to cook for myself and cook better. I rarely get in exercise time. I'm always so tired. I feel that I have to get a nap in when my 2 year old does in order to get through my day! I know working out makes me feel better. I guess I need to set up an action plan and stick to it. I've heard of people schedule in exercise just like they would a doctor appointment. I'm thinking of doing just that.

As far as movies and TV Shows I've been watching Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva" in which, I really like it. Its about a lawyer who pretty much has the life anyone would want. I guess you could say she is spoiled but, she dies and is brought back to life into a different body of an overweight lawyer who had a guardian angel.

We've almost finished with the 4 season of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. I'm at the Point where Mikeala just found out she is pregnant. I will be sad to see an end to this show. I really like it. Wished there was more tv shows like this.

I watched the last show of Felicity Season 2 today.

I'm currently watch Hannah Montana's Movie. I have A Netflicks account in which that is how I watch most of the new releases as well as older tv shows. Guess I need to find something else to get my husband and myself addicted to.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Eating my own words!

Have you ever said you would NEVER Do something? Be it something you most dread or something you could never result to? Yes, I'm eating my own words, and I didn't realize it till this morning! I said I'd never be as big as someone in my family. I'm not going to say who because, I run the risk of them finding this or anyone in my family finding this and it getting back to them. I wouldn't want them finding this, and hurting their feelings. I'm just not that kind of person. Anyhow, I'm eating my own words then some, I weigh more than they do by 30+ pounds!

I started the month off of trying to workout at least 3 days a week on the Wii-Fit but, my hip started acting up yet again! ugh!!!! I wished I had insurance to find out what is going on. I should kick my husbands rear for dropping my insurance. I've fallen so many time in the last few years so, maybe my body has just gotten weaker in that area. Walking seems about the only thing I can do. I've got to do something. I'm tired of feeling miserable about myself. Its just what does one person do when they live with other people and they want fried foods or even high carb foods? They get mad cause, they think your better than them or something by not eating their food. It stupid! But, how else does everyone expect to take back your health? You have to take the bulls by the horns so to expect. You have to be responsible for your own health.

I started getting some of the biggest loser workouts. I plan to have all of them as well, as Jillian Michaels workouts. That way I have a wide range of workouts to do. I wished I had the room for my treadmill in my house now. But, have no idea where I'd put it. Things have been overwhelming lately. Especially, since going back to school. Most nights I have homework. The nights, I don't I actually want a break. I just feel that I'm always doing something with school, housework or chasing after the little one, so when I do get some time off I want to rest. I guess school has just taken over more than I thought it would. I've been all over the place on what I want to do with my life. At first I wanted to be finished with school as quick as I could to get a better job then, was kinda talked into going into a major I'm not happy with. I mean I love learning but, I don't think teaching is the route I want to go with. So, I'm going with Law as my final decision on my major. Its truly what I want to do with my life. I love everything to do with law. Be it a lawyer or even down to finding out how it all works. My ultimate goal would be to become a lawyer, and I know its going to take awhile but, I think its what I want to do.

This week I'm going to try and workout everyday, or at least 3-4 a week be it walking 30 mins on the treadmill or a workout dvd. I'm tired of feeling bad about myself. I'm bettering myself, by going to school. I can better myself by choosing the right choices for my health too.

Friday, July 3, 2009

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Healthy You Challenge

Lately I’ve been in such a funk where I don’t care, and I’m unsure why? Maybe its been cause, I’ve recently went back to school. I’m either busy chasing after my 2 year old daughter or the fact of trying to meet deadlines for school. The work for school is pretty easy, I have to say I’m doing pretty well for being out of school for almost 10 years. I’m currently taking 2 classes. A general class that I have to write this survival guide to going to college as my final project. English 101 its on how to effectively write essays. I have a 95 in the General class and a 93 in the English 101 so,I think I’m doing okay. Most of the things I’ve been graded on is grammar errors and I honestly think I could do better. I may over look something, or I might make some careless mistake. I guess I should apply myself a little better than I am if I want a better grade.

Okay, on to The Healthy You Challenge. I’m not doing well at all. I’ve actually went up a pound. I’ve not been walking cause the treadmill is in the storage shed and its so HOT in there!!! I’ve not been playing on the wii either. I got the Wii-Fit and haven’t used it much. My husbands cousin lives with us and My Wii is in his room cause there is no room for it anywhere else. I feel either I’m too busy with school or chasing after leah to get to play on it. I don’t like playing on it when he is in there or he maybe watching tv so, I don’t always get to :(( I guess I need to make more of an effort in trying to get on there for at least 30 minutes a day. Its just my husband works late and usually has to tend to the farm animals and no one really to watch leah. So, i let my time for any Wii session take a back seat. I know I really need to workout though. I ordered the 30 Day shred and only done it once. This house we live in I’m not sure but, I think if I did those jumping jacks on there that everyone would think there was an earthquake or something. I guess I’m not making an effort at anything besides caring for my little girl and doing my school work.

I also won a Weight Watchers Online Membership for 3 months and I’m really not using it very much at all! I figured it would be much more encouraging to want to eat better but, it hasn’t. The forums seem dead to me. I will post messages but get few responses if any at all. I guess I should take advantage and at least find some good recipes. I guess I just feel discouraged that this is an impossible feat right now. I have a little under 100 lbs that I’m wanting to loose and it just seems impossible.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Missing in Action

Sorry I've been away. I've been so busy lately. Its been so crazy. I started school on June 8th in which, I've decided to become a teacher. I know there are alot of teachers who inspired me so I can only hope I can do the same.
I've got enough financial aid left over that I can get me a new Laptop for school. Yah me! I think I've finally decided on going with a Apple MacBook Pro. I'm going with the new 13 inch Macbook Pro. I'm getting 4G memory with the 500GB Harddrive. I can get a free iPod Touch I've got the 1st Generation iPod Touch but, my husband has been wanting one so, thought I'd give him the old one and I'd keep the newer one since it has the speaker system in it now. I'm also needing to get me a printer as well, so I will need to get that in a few weeks too. I can go through the apple store and get one pretty much free but, I can get it one fairly cheap at walmart too that will work just fine. In both the classes I'm taking I'm doing pretty good. I have a 95% in my English 101 and my Gen Class I've got a 93% so I think that is pretty good so far. I'm hoping the next time I blog it will be from a Mac.
Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Weekend!


I hope everyone had a great Weekend as well as a safe Memorial Day! Did you do anything special? I thought I’d give a recap of mine. I’ve been trying to get my husband to spend more quality time with me and our little Girl,Leah so he promised to take Leah and myself to a Local School so she could play on the playground. She loves being outside and everything that entails. She begs us to swing her and sometimes as adults we have so much more on our plates and its good to take time for your children. leah see sawing

I had planned on it being just the 3 of of us and wouldn’t you know it my husband’s brother,David & his daughter,Beth shows up! They have really great timing and do this often and I know how they are about not leaving and the sun was already about to go down and we had promised to take Leah and I knew that if I didn’t invite them it would be too late and we’d have to cancel and I didn’t want to do that. So,I invited them and they went to get us all a drink since it was so hot. We walked to the playground and back and played around with Leah it was a great workout for all of us!

andreaprom Friday,My Step-Daughter Andrea came in from East Tennessee she’s not been around since Thanksgiving 2008! We’ve had our differences but,I feel she should at least see her father every now and then. I’m sure coming from divorced parents has to be hard but,it seems like sometimes she does everything she can to make it harder for me being the step mom. She claims she loves her dad and her little sister but,how someone care about something they don’t even want to see? My husband was in a near fatal car accident last year and she was in town the day he got out of the hospital and she never came to see him? Anyways,she got in around 10am but,never came over till almost time for her dad to get off work and her mother wasn’t even going to stop to let her she her dad. I don’t think its right that he pays child support and she never comes around. I just don’t agree with it at all. I know that as a teenager she has better things to do and one of these days she will she spent more time with her daddy. Sometimes we take people for granted thinking they will always be around. Anyways here is a picture of her prom.  she soon Left and we went out to dinner at Sonic and we went to Wal-Mart where I got this Pink iPod Dock that is a dual alarm as well as it plays and charges my iPod. It worked at first but now its not playing my iPod. If I get my unemployment Check I’m taking it back tomorrow and I’m going to use the money to get me the EAS Active for the Wii. I should have the money for a Wii-Fit and the EAS Active. I’m wanting to do them everyday and run about 3 days a week and I think that would be a great workout. Anyways here is a picture of the iPod Dock I got that doesn’t work. Its supper cute but cute doesn’t always do the job! I guess I will just have to keep looking around and get another dock I’m hoping to find something that plays my iPod,Charges it and is an alarm too. I will just have to keep looking around but,if anyone has any recommendations please let me know.


We didn’t do much for the rest of the night but,we went to bed and The next morning we went and got breakfast at Hardees’ and we came home and watched a few Netflicks movies then we later went to a little Festivial in my hometown and we saw some of my Favorite cars the Ford Model A & B Cars. Iremember seeing a model A Type car in Titanic the movie and I know the Titanic sank several years before in April 1912 so how is that possible? I think I will research what year that car in the movie was. 

From Left to Right: 1931 Ford Model A,1950ish Chevy,1932 Ford Model B.


Here is a Video of Kate & Leo in the movie Titanic

Here are a few more videos of previews of movies we watch Via Netflicks this weekend.






Ohhh I forgot to mention! I went to see my Parents Saturday evening. Saturday was my dad’s 77th birthday. I personally think he looks great for a 77 year old. He’s been walking 1 mile Everday! Isn’t that awesome. I’m so proud of him. I don’t know many 20 years old that does that much walking. He was asking if there was some sort of gadet you can get to track your walk and of course I had to tell him about Nike+ I know my dad well enough that if he gets into something he hears about something such as the Nike + he just has to have it. I wish I could afford to get him one. I’d do it in a heartbeat    I think its awesome that you can have a little gadget to listen to your music and keep up with your walks and runs and even have little competitions with other other users of the Nike + Here are a few pictures from visiting my parents. My sister is in a few of these.

We had a small BBQ here with just us we didn’t invite anyone we decided to just hang out with just us! I think I officially got my husband hooked on Facebook especially the Farm Town App he loves playing that game so if you are looking to add him let me know he’d love to have new Farm Town Friends.




Here is the info on Today’s Run. It certainly isn’t my best and I’ve done better that’s for sure. My leg muscles started to hurt. I want to try working on my time and speed. I got a new nike + sensor pouch it’s pink of Course. So I used it in my workout today and I love it!! Here are the details of today’s run.

Sunday, May 24, 2009
Just finished my 30 minute walk/Run. I burned 133 calories. I walked a
total of 1.274 miles I walked/ran a mile at a pace 23:00 min/mile. I
remember I could run a 10 minute mile in high school. Omg! I must
start working on shaving my time down.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

HYC Check In

I've lost 1.2 lbs this week. Yah me! been super busy with studying for my placement test that I've got to take tomorrow at 10 am. Trying to decide what school I'm planning on attending its been so nerve racking. I have been trying to get back into my walking routine and Its already made me feel better. I don't know about any of you but,Its so freeing when I can just go out by myself and go for a long walk. I won a 3 month ( i believe its 3 months but I could be wrong) membership to go to Weight Watcher Meetings and I'm thinking of going to my local Ymca where they have the closest meeting in my area. Was going to do it online but,I really could use moral support of group meetings. I can't wait till get the info through the mail so I can get started. I'm sorry to end this so short but on a good note I lost weight this week. My 2 yea old is throwing a tantrum and I need to go deal with her!

Oh yeah I after having my treadmill for almost 4 months I finally realized that it has a place where I can change the display and it shows how many miles I walked/Ran which is a great way to track my info. I like to keep track of how many miles I walk. I use to be able to run a mile in about 10 minutes when I was in high school. I'd be lucky if I could run it in 20. Maybe that's a goal I can work towards.
Friday, May 15, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Finale

Grey's Anatomy Finale was AWESOME! I really hope that TR Knight & Katherine Heigl don't leave the show. They are two of my favorites on the show. But,I've read on blogs that TR isn't happy with his role anymore ever since the Isiiah Washington incident. I think this was one of TR's greatest performances in the show. I truly think that the writers strike really put a damper on alot of the various characters storylines so much they had to squeeze alot of stuff in and I really think in the end they will regret leaving. But,I was talking to my husband after the show and I really think there won't be much more of Grey's. Because if you look at alot of the really sucessful shows they are really lucky to be around past 6-7 seasons. I just think alot of these actors are really different some may even get the big head or greedy and they rather find more important things to do. I love Grey's don't get me wrong and I hope it sticks around but,Its loosing its actors like left and right and its actors that I miss. I like the original actors of Grey's I like some of the new ones too but,I guess I just hate change

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009
putting gas in the jeep and about to go out to dinner
just took a shower. Studying for my placement and Net Test while Leah is playing

HYC check-In

I've been pretty busy for the last week with trying to return back to school in fall. Lots of studying going on and cramming for a Placement Test & My Net Test that I have to pass by June 30th in order to go into the major of my choice which will be in the Medical Feild. ah ya ya!!! Not studied for a test in close to 11 years but that isn't what I will talk about today I will save that for another day.

I lost 1lb this week which I'm proud of cause for me it takes alot for me to even loose 1 lb. I guess having something to do such as all this studying Its help me not to go to food when I'm bored. I'm wanting to start trying to walk this week. I am planning on finally getting me one of those sensor bands since I don't have the Nike+ shoes so I can workout to my Nike+ and it be more accurate. They should really look into making treadmill that is Nike+ where you don't even need all the iPod Equipment for it to work. Hey I'd defiantely buy that!! lol
My eating has been okay! There is room for improvement but,I'm getting there. As for workouts nadda. My hip is still hurting some days are worse than others. Almost like its been popped out of place. Perhaps when I had that fall back in January? I'm going to try and walk at least 3 days a week for 30 minutes and see if walking will help relieve the pain. Maybe I just need to get some weight off my hips.
My neice,Beth always Compliments me if it looks like I've lost weight. She's Pregnant and hates it that I'm loosing and she is gaining. It feels good that other people notice. What a confidence booster.
Monday, May 11, 2009

Cramming For Tests!!

As most of you know I'm planning on Returning back to school this coming fall. Its been 11 years this month since I've even been in School. I graduated and got my High School Diploma in May 1998. Boy that seems like ages ago! I've worked several dead end jobs in the last few years and this past year I worked in Home care and I loved it! Granted I did get a few patients I didn't care for but,there was a few that became like Grandparents I never had. Some became like Family I never had. Some issues arrived and I got laid off. I found out through a goverment funded program I could go back to school.
So,now I'm have to take a placement test. I took one last week and passed the reading and I must of scored the highest score you can get. The Math not so well. I've always had problems out of math even in early grade school. But,they gave me the materials to study on and I have to take the test again on May 20th. So I have a little over a week to study for it. Its mostly Algebra Stuff. I needed to score a 10 and I scored a 9. Not too bad I don't think for being out of school for 11 years and not even studied not even before the test. So hopefully with a little preparation I can score a little better. I can do this! I got it!! I have to be positive that I can do this. I just need to do a tad little bit better.
I also have to call and Schedule The Net Test which is a Nursing Entrance Exam. I'm not going to be a nurse but,I will be going into the Medical Feild and I have to have a 51% (i Believe can't remember the exact %) in the Reading and a 43% on the Math. I think if I can pass this first test I can pass that too! So,keep me in your prayers that I pass both of these tests. I am going to buy the study guide for the NET Test this week to study on and prepare myself for that test.
Friday, May 1, 2009

Great Things are coming my Friends

I found out since I'm laid off that I can go back to school my friends yep thats right this 30 year old mama is going back to school and maybe I will be finished by the time my own child even gets into school herself. I found out by watching the news that I can return to school and actually get help in doing so. So,thats what I'm going to do. I've got about 10 weeks till my unemployment runs out and then no $$$$ so I want to prepare myself. This is no jobs at all to be found in this area so I guess I'm doing the proactive thing here and getting my booty back in school. There is a website for my state that lists in demand careers for this area and they can't give me assistance if I don't choose something within that feild. Its mostly medical type careers which is what I wanted to go into anyways so,I guess thats good! I'm in the beginning process of it all so I will keep you all posted! I'm suppose to get up to a $4,000 scholarship just for them assisting me and its also in with the new stimulus to get even more help! So thanks Mr. President!! I'm sure I will get even more aide & grants too so every little bit helps! Wish me luck!
Tuesday, April 28, 2009
How is everyone doing?? I hope all is well with everyone. I lost .5
lbs this week not what I wanted to see but at least it's a loss. I
worked out 2 x's this past week and I know I could of done better. If
my darn hip wasn't hurting so bad. I've been taking 800 mg ibprofen to
help with the pain and its helped a little. Sunday the toddler and I
was already awake and my husband slept in and when he got up he came
into the living room and leah looked up at him and said "I'm pregnant"
LOL it was soooo funny! I think I laughed for 5 minutes. Kids really
do say the darnest things.
I went for a pap smear this morning they said they call me with the
results. I have to go back May 11th for a pregnancy test they said
they where too busy to do it today. My period hasn't been regular
since last October. So we will see.

I found out last night that since I'm laid off I may be able to return
to school as part of the stimulus plan so I'm here at my local career
center trying to find more info about it.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I finally got my 30 day shred DVD in the mail last friday. I Haven't done any of the shred yet but plan on doing a workout when the toddler takes a nap. Sunday i got on the treadmill with a book and before I knew it I had walked 30 minutes. I was only walking at a 2.0 but i have to say it was good despite my hip has been giving me problems for almost 2 months now. I'm not sure what's going on with my hip but I wished it would stop hurting me. I fell off a step at my husbands Aunts & Uncles I think it was back in January. I guess for almost a month I hobbled around then I got to feeling better and got my treadmill and started to do the couch to 5k. I don't know maybe its all this weight and its finally taking a toll. I've gained weight in the last little while 5 pounds to be exact and i'm trying to get back on track. I weighed this mornin at 265.4 which is a .6 loss but i will take it.
ITS MINE! For the first time leah fell asleep on the couch while watching tv. Thought i'd share this

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feeling Pretty Darn Good

Did any of you watch Biggest Loser Last Night? I've watched about 75% of it that I Tivo and I must say I love to Transformations of the Contestants. They look so Great. I think Mike is really looking Great too! I really felt bad for his brother Max and hope to maybe see more of his cause his story broke my heart and I really wanted and still want him to Succeed. But,his brother is right just because we aren't on Biggest Loser doesn't mean we can't succeed at this weight loss thing either. We don't need a Show to be successful at it. If we want it we can achieve it! Like MammaBear June Told me in comments yesterday What's The use? My husband & Child. At the end of the day it doesn't matter what everyone in the world thinks of me but that of my husband and child and everyone else that loves me. At the end of the day I want to be here for them and be 100% for them.
I got on the Treadmill for a few while the toddler napped and she woke up and wanted to walk on it too so I walked a little bit more with her walking with me. She's 2 1/2 years old now as of this week and just by seeing me walk she loves to get on there and walk. Sometimes she gets more of a workout on it than I do. But,I hope to instill these sort of things into her where when she gets older she will want to go for a walk or even a run.
I've got loads of pictures I want to put up here of the Easter Weekend will try and get to that tomorrow. Took her to see the Easter bunny and she love it!!! I got tons of pictures of it and she looks so cute with it! She cried when she had to leave the bunny. My back has been killing me lately not sure if its a UTI or if its just pain? I guess I better drink more water I have no excuse I have a Brita Pitcher and a Brita faucet filter so no excuses there. I've even gotten marty my husband to take up on drinking water and he hates water. oNCE it starts warming up I'm going to try and get my husband to go for walks with me after suppertime. We use to do that alot when we first married but we haven't done that in a long time.
Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting Real

Okay I need to get real and stop making excuses why after week after week I don't see the scale move least moving in the right direction. I have to be real with you I've not worked out since February maybe even later than that. I remember I was eating okay working out while toddler napped but then I got sick and Workouts have been something that should be put in the history book of my life. I've not really worked out much since. I've been so exhausted and tired that some days all I want to do is sleep and I know that alot of it cause by being cooped up into this house and not doing much besides what little housework I can get away with. I'm so exhausted I don't even know where to start. I know I've been depressed too. I'm not taking my thyroid meds and don't have the money to even go to the doctor right now to even get them. I'm really needing to do something. If anyone knows of any Thyroid Remedies please let me know. I've heard Coconut oil helps but I can't even stand the taste. I've been there done that! I know I've been more depressed that I care to even admit and I hate getting that way! Almost to the point of wondering what would others do if I wasn't around and I know thats not healthy! I've gained weight and hear this voice in the back up my head that says whats the use of even trying??? But I know I know I need to stop that sort of thinking and get real with myself and take my life by the handle bars so to speak and get a grip of things. I know I can loose this weigh heck I've done it before. So,for motivation with $$ my husband gave me for my Birthday I bought 30 Day Shred that so many of you bloggers have been talking about and I'm going to give it a Try. I ordered it through Amazon and I found it pretty cheap and I also got my netflicks going again and I seen there are alot of Jillian,Biggest Loser and Bob workouts on there so I'm going to get them and try and get copies of them soon that way I will have a copies of them and have something to workout to everyday. I walked a little today but hopefully I can do more tomorrow. I have to end this but hopefully I will get a chance to workout again tomorrow.
Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter

easter Pictures, Images and Photos
Well I've been finishing up trying to get my laundry done today! Its been so Beautiful the last 2 days here in Tennessee. I just hope the weather holds out so it will be nice for Easter Weekend. This will be the first Official year Leah Has Celebrated Easter. Last year this time my husband had had his wreck and was in the hospital. This past weekend I took Leah to a local Elementary School on A Saturday where they had our little town's Easter Celebration they have for the Kids Every year. Last year they had it 2 weeks early and it was raining so I didn't let Leah Go. My niece,Beth went with me and we all had a blast. They had free activities for the whole family. First we went to the Craft Booth and we made Leah a hat! I wished I had gotten a picture of it before she managed to destroy it!!! But we had glued a pink bow with a little bouquet of flowers.
I kept promising her all week that she was going to get to see the Easter Bunny and Luckily they had not only an Easter Bunny but a Doggy too!! Leah loved them but,she acted like she was too afraid to go by herself so,she grabbed my arm and luckily Beth had my camera phone and she took pictures and she got a decent one. Leah wanted me to go with her which I thought was so cute. She kept hugging the dog which was priceless and it made her day! She just kept hugging him and I know the guy probably wished he'd get off her but it was so cute. We then stood in line to get Leah's Face painted but the line was so long. We never got her face painted they called Ages 1-3 for the Egg Hunt and since there was such a huge crowd the kids could only get 10 eggs a piece. They where fake eggs that had candy in them. The place I live is out in the Country and at most has 200 hundred people and take that most of those are probably older people so this is a small area but there was all kinds of young people there. I say close to 500 people where there which I don't think is fair to kids that are actually from here. I knew of at least 5 people i saw that was from a different county. My sister came with her 5 kids and she doesn't even live in this area. But,I guess it made it much more interesting. I ran into an old friend there. She actually use to be my bf in Elementary school and the Crazy thing is she just lives right down the street from me. She has a 2 year old little boy that's around the same age as Leah.
Saturday evenings we have been trying to do a bible study with my dad although we invite other people I mainly try and get my dad to come. It gives me an excuse to visit my parent and I think that's why my husband,Marty suggested we do something like this. My dad is really knowledgeable when it comes to stuff about the bible too and I think that would help Marty. Leah is something else!! She is so routy and I just can't see how I handle her at times. She was so routy that she was grabbing my bible while I tried to read for my dad and she kept carrying on and I wished she only better behaved than that especially when it comes to a Church Like Setting.
Leah played with my mom for a bit before they left. I got some pictures cause it is a rare ocassion for them to play around. We then went to walmart to find me something for my birthday and I really didn't see anything I cared for so,we just went home. I think I'm going to save my Birthday Money and get a Blockbuster movie rental account FYI its something similar to Net flicks. We didn't go to bed till about 1 am. My husband discovered that we can get Face book on our phones and he joined. So cool so,Just another way to stay in touch i guess. My Internet will probably be cut off soon so maybe when I can I will get on there. Sunday we didn't go to church we just hung around the house. Marty and Leah went to Town and got us lunch at Hardees' and later that night I made a homemade stew which was okay but could had better if I had cooked the stew meat longer. We fooled around watching Funny Baby Videos on YouTube and Leah was trying to do break dancing like one of the kids it was sooo cute!!!
Monday was my 30 Birthday! It was okay but,I got into this depressive mode. It rained most of the day and Started to Snow and the day before It was in the 70's. Who would of thought snow in April!!! I had no way of talking to anyone not even online or my phone so I was really depressed. My husband got me this cute little card that sang and Leah kept trying to get it cause it sang. She loves music and dancing. About 5 pm my niece Beth and her dad came over. What a huge surprise. She brought burgers,chips,cake and ice cream! It was such a surprise and it made my day that she thought of me. Tuesday Beth went with me and Leah to see my husband at his work but we ran late so we didn't see him long :( But I drove around all day it seems like.
Lost was Awesome last night wasn't it!! Such a great episode. I really hope to see Charlie the singer soon. I think if anyone can be brought back from death he could. I loved his character and I think he's a great actor. I wished they'd hurry up and show more reunion type stuff of the Survivors of the originally crash. I want to see more stuff on Sawyer & Kate and Jin & sun. I guess there is just so much that needs to be told this season.

Tonight Grey's Anatomy comes on and I just hope its a new episode. I wished to find out if Katherine Heigl is leaving or what???? I heard since hitting the big time she has became a MAJOR Snob which I hope not because I just love her. I wished there was more to her story line with George :( and its been such a huge disappointment that they finally brought Denny back and the storyline was a bust. I mean I was wanting more than the hallucinations. Its coming to the point where most shows end abruptly Have you watched shows Go past 10 Seasons hmmm not many! or even 6 for that matter not many. I really like little grey and I think her career is just beginning. I think mcsteamy is her mcdreamy. You know we don't all have that one Mcdreamy in our lives. I mean your mcdreamy may not be my mcdreamy? am I not right?

I'm also going to catch Harper's Island. It looks very interesting. I love mysteries anyways and I think its going to be very interesting to watch. check out Harper's Globe for more info.
Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday!!!!!

Yep! Today is my Birthday. My 30th Birthday to be Exact!!! Have I done
anything special to Celebrate??? No I haven't. It seems like things
aren't getting any better for us Financially and I think tomorrow I'm
going job hunting. Our Anniversary was in Febuary as was Valentine's
Day. My husband didn't do one solid thing for me to even Celebrate the
event. I know we are struggling but, he could of done something. He
gave me $40 for my Birthday but, get this..... He had to borrow it for
gas money to go back & forth. I know the last thing I should be is
greedy but it's been like this for the last 5 years. I'm so sick and
tired of doing without. I know I should be thankful for what I do have
but I'm just so sick of it!!! I don't know what's going on with my
Internet it's not worked since earlier this morning. My cable tv is
working so I know it's not been cut off the bill isn't even due yet.
So I'm not sure what's going
on?!?!?! Anyways, I guess I'm just a little depressed today cause
it's just me and my 2 year old today! My prepaid Verizon Cell Phone is
out of mins and I can't even use the computer. So I'm without any sort
of communication with the World and here it is my 30th Birthday!!! I
guess with it being my birthday I'm just depressed Happy Birthday to
me ð‡.
I weighed myself last night and I've gained 5 lbs ugh!!!! I really
must start getting on track. I've been so tired lately. My right leg
has been going numb and I've even had cramp like feelings from my butt
muscle down to my ankle. Last night before I went to bed I elevated it
and this morning It felt better!! I'm hoping I can find a job soon and
maybe I can get health insurance so I can start seeing a doctor.
Maybe he/she can find out what's going on.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Healthy Me

I’ve not gotten to workout yet this week!! its Frustrating. Tuesdays are so busy for me. I usually get my unemployment check on Tuesdays and I go grocery shopping and pay a couple bills and it usually takes up most of my day and usually the toddler and myself go and take a nap afterwards.

Last week I weighed in on Saturday at 263 which is up from where I have been but,I can’t let myself get too off track. I’ve been trying to do better although I’ve not worked out all week. I weighed myself this morning and I weighed in at 261.8 so That’s an improvement. The toddler didn’t take a Nap all day today and Really I’ve been busy washing the laundry and hanging it outside on the line. Cleaning up after the toddler. My husband seems to do a better job about making her pick up after herself. sometimes I feel like I get no where with her and the more I tell her to do something the more she doesn’t do it! Even if I discipline her actually it seems like she gets worse if I do spank her or put her in time out..ugh!!!! Anyways,I’ve been so busy today cleaning and I just seem to do more when its nice out.

My birthday is on April 6th and I’d love to get some new DVDs for my Birthday hubby asked what I wanted but,I’m not sure thought of getting some new DVDs so if you know of anything PLEASE Please Give me some ideas. I posted this same question on the Biggest Loser Blog Edition Boards but never got a response. I don’t feel too much with that challenge if anything it seems like everyone just does their own thing unlike HYC where I seem to get more support from. Maybe its me I don’t know. Anyways if you have any great ideas as far as workout DVDs please send me your suggestions cause I’m wanting to start doing something a few times a week to work other areas. I feel like my lower abs our out of kilter and would love to find something that really works the abs.

This isn’t a big change but it is progress. I’m thinking of starting to do progress pictures. Maybe post one every month to see if there is a change in the pictures. My digitial camera doesn’t seem to work like I’d like for it to so Maybe I can get it to work for a bit to get the progress pictures. Maybe soon I can get me a new camera. I want the flip but not sure how great the still pictures are??? Anyways I’m hoping to workout tomorrow. Its so hard to workout with the toddler around on the treadmill always afraid she may try and get on it when I am walking fast or even running. Maybe I should just do a video and maybe she’d follow too….. However we did get a little workout today. She loves the Wiggles I guess cause it has alot of music and dancing and everytime she hears music especially when the wiggles is on she wants me to Dance With her so I guess we danced on and off this morning for close to 30 mins. It was Fun!!!!

Facebook,Twitter & MySpace oh my………

I know there has been alot of TALK on Several Blogs I’ve read within in the last week about all the Social Media Sites. Like I told Mel on her Blog Box of Chocolates this morning I never planned on Being one of these Top Bloggers to get tons of Followers. I love all of them and I love talking to people. There are times in life where I just Don’t have the time to talk to everyone. Even on the Blogs I frequently visit I don’t always get to leave a comment. I use NewsGator to read my feeds and I can sync all my Feeds throughs NetNewsWire App on my iPod Touch. I try to keep up with all my faves but,like I said I’m just too busy to comment on all of them all the time. I’m a Stay at Home Mom and Yes,I am busy believe it or not. I couldn’t fathom how much more busy I’d be if I had more kids…lol. I never wanted to have lots of readers or so Called followers to read my blog. At first it was just to vent about what was bugging me and still I use it for that at times. But,I’ve tried to keep my blog private from Friends and Family cause,I feel its just that……PRIVATE! I guess I’m crazy that way I’d rather complete strangers read my thoughts than my closest family and friends. I currently blog mostly about my weight loss efforts and I guess I haven’t been real to even the closest of friends in real life. I blog because If I need to vent I have an outlet to do so and Its ALWAYS Helped me to write things out and clear my head.

Now I first Started going to MySpace mainly because My step-Daughter,Andrea was living with us and she kept encouraging me to start an account. I hooked up with old friends and even realized I even had family on there. I thought it was awesome that you can get all kinds of friends on MySpace. I Would go to Sites like CafeMom or Babyfit Among other sites and Others where posting their myspace info so I did too. I got lots off ppl to add me that way and don’t get me wrong I’m sure they are great people but,I can count on one hand how many times I’ve talked to them. I guess I just don’t have much in common with these “mommies” I guess I just thought it was neato at first to talk to her mommies online. I rarely use myspace now that my Step-Daughter moved in with her mother. I don’t know why I guess Having a Toddler who is more than I can handle at times I just think its more of a hassle to even turn my computer on when she’s awake! !! I have an iPod Touch and I have the MySpace Mobile App on there but,I just don’t like using it. Its more of a hassle to me!! But,if you love MySpace and Want to add me Feel free too because Who can’t use more friends. But if you want to add me I hope You will talk to me. Lately I rarely get on there but just to check messages. Here is my MySpace Profile


At some Point I Joined Facebook but,Can’t Remember when really just to find some old High School Friends that wasn’t on Myspace. I found some friends and we talk ocassionally but,Frankly I use it mainly to update what I’m doing.  I’ve just recently started to use it more. I’ve lots of old Friends and some new but,I vowed Facebook wouldn’t be like my MySpace. I guess I use it for a select few internet friends. I Try Not to post anything about my blogs on there because to me its very private and just don’t want alot of old friends knowing some stuff. It’s weird how you don’t want ppl you’ve known all your life knowing CERTAIN Things about your life. Although I have posted my blog links and Hopefully those few ppl who have checked it out won’t take offence to anything I say. I use Facebook alot more now I like the Face that you can add the Twitter App and be able to update your twitter status on Twitter or any Mobile Twitter App and that same Status is updated on your Facebook too!! I think thats just neat!! So if you didn’t know that and want to save time you now have that info…lol So,if you want to look me up I don’t mind here i am on Facebook


I started looking at more Blogs and I found iJustine cause I had seen a video of

hers on Tv where she had her 1st iPhone Bill with a huge stack of papers for just one bill. I saw that she was on Twitter and she was talking about Twitter and I was curious about it and saw that you can post Status messages on what your currently doing and I just think its awesome that you can post what Your doing at that moment so of course I joined. I like that ppl that I’m following I can see what they are doing too. But,I will be honest Twitter has became unfun for me lately. There has been lots of ppl I’ve added that uses Twitter to Chat back and Forth to other Tweeples and hold a converstation. ummm… HELLO People that’s what Direct Messaging is for!!!! So if you want to Say something to me and maybe hold a little convo PLEASE PLEASE DM me ppl not trying to be rude I just think it Ruins Twitter and I love Twitter so don’t ruin it for me tweeple. So if you want to follower me @BoosPlace please do so because I think Twitter is the best site EVER!!! Yes,I’m a Twitter addict and probably update my status a little too much! At times I feel that I’m just talking to myself and I have a select few that actually  respond if I do post a question on there and Truly feel at times I’m being ignored but,I do know lots of ppl that solely use Twitter on their phones too.
   I saw this cute Video about Twitter on YouTube the other day that another blogger posted on her site and I thought it was so Cute!!! I couldn’t help to crack up laughing so in case you’ve not seen it yet here it is.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Having A Great Weekend!

I hope everyone is having a Great Weekend! Me & the Toddler are sitting here watching Son In-Law with Paulie Shore. I love him & wished he was in more movies.
I'm trying to get back on plan and finally get out of the 260's once & for all. Hopefully I will be below the 260's before my 30th Birthday which is on April 6th.
My Plan:

•eat a healthy breakfast of oatmeal every morning!

•drink 64 oz. Of water daily

•Take a Daily Multi-Vitamin

•Walk/run on Treadmill 3 days/week

•workout to The Firm DVDs 2 days/week

I weighed in yesterday and I gained. So, I'm working my butt off this week so I will see a loss next Saturday. I can do this!!!
Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Support Team

I really want to thank everyone who is been there to support me whether its my online friends,peeps who stop by to read my blog and even family who has been there. I’ve not been doing much of the way of eating healthy lately and I’ve not done much of a workout either but,I’m determined to get back on track so,I want to Thank My Support Team. I really think its important for all of us the have that unrelenting support the kind that no matter what your going through you have them to back you up. The ones that tells you the cold hard facts about getting back into the game. So I want to Say THANK YOU!!!!!

It’s been cloud_rainrainycloud_rain for the last few Days Here in Middle Tennessee! I hate it! I really wished the sun Sun sun would come out. I finally got me a washer but,no dryer yet. I’m going to hang my laundry out for the neighbors to see smile_omg But where its at is a huge fence and only one neighbor could really see so guess thats not too bad. I like to have those crisp sun dried clothes but,I don’t like them if they are so stiff they can’t be moved smile_teeth I’m really wanting to maybe find a way to hang out laundry maybe add something to the wash where It won’t make the clothes dry so hard. Its the only thing I hate   about having a clothes line. But who knows maybe I can find a remedy for that!

Leah is watching Seasame so after finishing this I’m going to try and go for a short walk on the treadmill. My breakfast this morning was a Organic Luna S’mores Bar. It was ok but,its suppose to be low on the glycemic and it has 10g of protein and 3 g of fiber so maybe that will help boost me up. I’m wanting to start eating REAL oatmeal but,I’ve found out yesterday that It cooked too fast on my Gas Stove. I’ve never cooked much in my life on a Gas Stove and I really don’t like itsmile_sad so maybe I can figure out a way to get it the way I want. I’m so used to the buttery & sugary oats. I know I need to get away from that and try and put more healthier fruits and spices in it to give it a taste I’m currently craving. I’m going to try and do a FIRM DVD too either today or tomorrow.  My bones have been achy lately and not sure if its the weather or what? I think a good workout will help remedy it! Well better go and get some things done if I’m going to Have a Good Day everyone. Today’s lunch with be a Knock off Philly Cheese that is low in WW Points will post the Recipe later.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

HYC,BLBE & 4th of July Challenge

Sadly I have to be honest here. I've not lost any weight in weeks. In fact I've gained. I'm very sad about it and I know in order to loose I need to do something about it!!! I've been eating alot of Starchy Foods and I'm trying to do something about it but,sometimes Its hard to put one foot in front of the other. I've been so tired lately that I don't even feel like working out with my little girl is taking her nap. I usually take a nap with her!! I've been wanting to workout don't get me wrong but,I'm just so tired I'd rather just sleep. I honestly Hope that I will get this all figured out and try and feel better and I know I need to go to the doctor. I'm going to make an appointment seriously I am. I'm going to try and remember to do so after I get this post finished. I know that my main reason for being tired is not moving around more. I know that once I do I will begin loosing weight again.

On a Good Note I've been inspired by Kath Eats Real Food. I love her oatmeal creations and I'm planning on trying some. I bought some Blue Diamond Almond Breeze ~FINALLY. I've heard great things about it and I can't wait to try it out in the morning in my oatmeal. I also got me A Luna and Cliff Bar to crumble up in it as well as some organic Flavored Granola. I Gave it a taste earlier and it would be supper yummy in yogurt.
I also got me some Green & Red Bell Peppers,Banannas,flat out bread and some other pretty healthy stuff. I'm Trying to do better in the Weight Loss Front I'd Love to be at my pre-pregnancy weight by summers end thats only 30 lbs and really doable. I finally got me a washer its used and as soon as I can get the money to buy new one I will but,defiantely worth what I'm paying for it. This next week I plan on doing at least 30 mins on the treadmill 3 times a week. Eat healthy meals and try to do at least 1 DVD of The Firm. Its doable and hopefully I can meet this goal.
Monday, March 23, 2009

I’m The Invisible woman


Monday,March 9,2009 – 11:45 AM


I’m Currently sitting At my little Home Office Using Windows Live Writer to write this post. Hopefully I will be able to save this as a draft and be able to post this as SOON as my Internet is working again! Please Please Forgive me! We got our Cable bill and to be Honest its just not Been paid! So No TV & NO Internet!! I feel really bad about it but,lets me honest and that’s why I created this blog is to be honest and vent when I need to because THIS is MY Blog! I’m thinking my unemployment should be here in the Morning when the mail arrives so as soon as it gets here I’m going Straight to pay it! Nothing more than this makes me irritated. I hate being without internet & TV. The TV can be a lifesaver when it comes to having a toddler.

Like I said before I created this to be Honest so,here it is. My husbands work since Thanksgiving has gotten less and less. He was Working 56+ Hours a Week. Lately he’s Been VERY Lucky to get 40 hours a week. With a husband that pay child support,various insurance as well as keep his family fed and a warm bed to sleep in he needs more work or I’m going to have to work. Badly as I hate to leave her AGAIN! But,I will NOT move in with family ever Again! I love having our own place and who wouldn’t,right? I told my husband I would sell myself on the street before I EVER moved back in with his Aunt & Uncle! I wouldn’t ever do that but,I’d almost do anything to prevent that! That how bad I hated living with them. I got laid off and if you are up to date on my blog you know that I had to repay so overpayment to the Unemployment. Well,its almost paid off and as of Today its paid in full! Thankfully I still have more money that I can draw. Its not much since I’ve not worked much in the last few years but,at least it will help. Hubby doesn’t know this but,With the new stimulus package they have it to where you can get extra $$ each week. I’m thinking of saving that to either get my Wii fixed (yeah that’s another story for another time!) or getting a Bigger Hard Drive for my computer. :) I found one that’s probably 10X’s bigger than mine inside my computer Tower. I take lots of pictures,have lots of music and have lots of videos that I currently have on my computer that I want to save on a hard drive and I’m thinking my computer will feel like new. I want to put all my Media Stuff on the new harddrive. So that is my plan!


Anyways,ummm I say that word alot! smile_omg LOL I would like to find something to do???? ummm as far as making money. So if your reading this and have any ideas please email me and let me know what you got! I would love to start a little side home business nothing too big that it requires me to be away from Leah for Long hours at a time but,something to do while she is playing or napping? Or maybe a few hours to where I can get family or one of my girlfriends to help out with Leah. I want something that’s LEGIT!!! I just need to make the extra cash to help my husband out! Even if its $50 a week! I also,would like to not have to put TONS of money into it seeing how we are on a really tight budget right now. So if you have any ideas I would love to know just email me I know there are some of you out there that has some great ideas on starting a Home Business.