Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This just in: Finished Season 2 of lost

Well,last night hubby and I finally finished Season 2 of Lost. My husband kept saying that there was magnets that was causing various aircraft to crash and various ships to get shipwrecked and of course he was right!!! If I had been Hurley I would had punched Michaels lights out! I know he wanted his son back but He didn't care what he had to do to get him back in result of it. I guess any parent would be like that. It was amazing to see how many of the recorded documents where sent to the "headquarters" which in turn looked like a small landfill dump. I remember seeing guards gaurding the doors to a supossed hatch in that area but The gang found that it was nothing but a door that opened up to the land of notta...ziltch..nothing. It was all for show!!! I was talking to my husband about the magnets and We talked of maybe perhaps maybe this is why the Bermuda Triangle has so much mystery behind it. I just wonder if there are actually places like this? if they are what's the point? I really don't see a point to it!!! I really like charlie don't ask me why but i do. I guess he's had a hard life and overcame alot and I just don't think you have to prove yourself to anyone

This just

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mamma's Helper

Well,yesterday I was cleaning house most of the day. My house looked Horrid! I wouldn't of let Jesus himself walk inside my house because I would had been so ashamed. I've done laundry for the last 2 days and I still have a load to put in the dryer then I'm finally caught up on my laundry. HOOORAY!! Well,I've been trying to be a good little homemaker and keep my house clean!! Well,yesterday while doing laundry I had folded my clothes up that I had just gotten out of the dryer and there was some clothes of my 16 month old daughters that had to be put away. So I went into her room and started to proceed to put them away and I had washed some sheets my husbands Aunt,Diane gave me for her bed so,I left the drawer to my daughters chester drawer open I had layed a bunch of clothes on her bed and was trying to fit everything in. Well,I turned around to get more clothes to put away and she had climbed into that drawer. It was so cute. Luckily I got my camera in time to take Pixs.

We're Moving ----------->>>>>>>>>>>>>

Well,my husband and I decided that we are going to look for another place to rent. We have a very small 2 bedroom house and the house is old and needs alot of work. Our landlord is in her 80s and isn't willing to help even with the slightest repair and she won't even take it off rent or anything and we can't afford to keep someone else's house in order plus I really don't think its our job. We are gonna begin looking this week. I might even start looking and maybe driving around to see if I can find something.