Friday, December 28, 2012

Sisters of the Quilt by Cindy Woodsmall

Sisters of the Quilt by Cindy Woodsmall is not one of my favorites by her and I'll be the first to Admit that. However, this series is still pretty good. This is one of her older series and I guess I'm more used to her newer writing style, but I love everything by her. I received this book as part of the Blogging for Books website, which is a great website to get new books in exchange for reviews. This was the 2nd book of Cindy's I received through this program. Without this program I would not have discovered Cindy at all. In the "Sisters of the Quilt" Trilogy which I received as one book is really three books in one. This books contains "When the Heart Cries", "When the Morning Comes" and "When the Soul Mends". All great books. I do not think you will be disappointed and have really enjoyed being able to see inside Amish lives through her reading. If you haven't please check her out on Facebook.
Tuesday, June 12, 2012

No. Motivation.

So I'm going to do my best to blog more often. I just have no motivation to do anything at all. Our routine consists of getting up around 8. Eat breakfast, run errands if needed, lunch, nap time, housework which most likely involves doing laundry. Usually by then it's well close to 5-6 at night so I try my hardest to get supper prepared. Which is a task in itself with two children. Sometimes, even next to impossible. By then the kids daddy is well on his way home & wants family time. So sometimes it's well after 9 before I get dishes done. Then the kids need to be gotten to sleep. So by the time it's sometimes 11-12 before I'm able to get in bed. This doesn't include me getting my homework assignments done or getting a quick shower, ir even my 18 month old getting up 2-3 times a night. Ugh I just need to reorganize our schedule, maybe that would help. I'm just beyond exhausted. So my son took a short nap so maybe he'll be ready for bed tonight. Maybe I need to begin getting up earlier and get a routine. Hmmm here I thought we had one. I guess we do it's just not working for us.
Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shrek & Friends at Gaylord

The Tuckers Take Tennessee is giving away a package of fun filled fun for the whole family. I would really love to win this. The kids would LOVE it and would really like a little Vacation so we can do something fun and enjoy being together. I was looking at all the comments of the blog post and it seemed that there was mainly just adults entering hmmm how sad though This is just my opinion but I wished it had only been open to people who had children, I think that is a little unfair.
Sunday, January 8, 2012

Catching up on my 31 Day plan

okay I guess I should get with the program haha...not been keeping track. Life just gets busy and I forget to blog. I really need to put the blogger app on my iPod so that I can blog more.

Day 4--
Download a Smartphone app to help you keep track of your goals.
Such as a food journal. The lady who started this challenge stated she had Habit Factor. I have no idea what that is? But there are a few at the Apple app store I need to look into. I think The Spark people app is pretty good and I think you can actually add foods manually if its not in their system . What are you going to use to keep track? I really wished there was an app to keep up with foods, fruits and veggie intake, water intake, and exercise. I have not found anything I like yet.

Day 5--
Start logging your meals daily, it is eye opening!!
I know that when I track my meals it is amazing at how less I will eat cause I actually see what damage I'm doing with my eating. I suggest using an app if you have a mobile device and start tracking your food that way. Or you can track your food using a pen and paper doing it the old fashioned way.

Day 6--
Schedule a 30 minute workout for 5 days a week minimum. 
I have actually decided to do this starting tomorrow. I want to Walk every morning after I get up, then do a workout before my husband gets home at night. I'm thinking of doing Jillian Michaels Shred it dvd. Then on Saturdays after running errands I'd love to come home and double up on how many mins I'm doing throughout the week with my walk. Oprah done something similar a few years ago which was known as her Bootcamp. Always wanted to try it.

Day 7--
Plan your meals for the next week & make out your grocery list. 
This one is a hard one for me because right now with hubby being out of work we are really struggling. So we are just buying the necesities when it comes to grocery shopping. It just seems to be cheaper to eat foods that are higher in fat with a lot of carb content. So this is something I will have to work on.

Day 8--
Fit Step Goal: commit to getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night. 
Okay this is REALLY hard for me to do. My kids do not go to bed till around 11, yeah I know bad mom. But LEah is soooo hyper active and rarely gets in bed before 11 sometimes even later is she's not had her meds. I feel so bad about giving her meds cause she is sooo hyper that she will not go to sleep. But the doctor said to do it that way and even then she won't sleep well but its better than it was 2-3 years ago. I think a lot of it is the siezures she was having in her sleep. Devin it varies for him, he is almost 14 months so I guess he is still learning so sometimes he will get up several times a night. But for the most part he sleeps all night now that he's older and COMPLETELY weaned off the bottle he has done so much better with sleeping at night.

Sooo now I'm all caught up with everything. I will try to write again in a few days to hopefully show signs of impovement in some areas I've listed. I'm trying to change my ways but I am usually so tired from where I don't get a lot of rest that I just do not have the energy to eat right or to even want to go for a walk. I know thats bad. But here I am at almost midnight BLOGGING, why??? Because I really do not get much time to do with having to cook, clean, tend to kids and do homework. So now I'm off to work on a little homework before I can even go to sleep. I just feel like I don't have enough time in the day and then HAVE to nap with Devin during the day. Maybe our sleeping is just all outta whack lol... who knows maybe eventually as the kids get older they will straighten out.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Days 2 & 3

I'm running a day behind on the 31 Day Challenge so thought I'd combine yesterdays & Today's to catch up.

Day 2--
Share your goals with at Least 3 people that can hold you accountable. hmm not sure who can hold me accountable. Perhaps maybe someone on facebook can help me with that.

I'll update later when I have successfully done that lol.....

Day 3--
Make a Plan of action for Each of your Goals. Be Specific and include deadlines.

Move more by working out on my treadmill and doing various DVD workouts here at home.

Eat Less, even though there is still food on the plate does NOT mean I have to finish it.

Drink more water--carry more water around with me. Have water next to my desk, bedroom, livingroom and and fridge so that I always have a cold bottle on hand.

Loose at Least 30 lbs by December 2012
Start Body by Vi by March 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals for 2012

With it being a new year I know it may be cliche but I wanted to begin the New Years right!
I love Pinterest and I've found a lot of really great ideas for getting back in shape, eating right and just all around fitness tips. So I have found this 31 Day Fitness Calendar that I want to do as well
January 1st-- List 10 Goals for 2012

1. Move More. Eat less.
2. Drink more water at least 64 oz/ day
3. Find Healthy recipes especially for dinners at home with my family.
4. Eat out less.
5. Cut down on soda's.
6. Begin Body By Vi Challenge By March. It's an expensive program.
7. Find Healthy Breakfast/lunch options
8. Cut down on unhealthy snacking
9. Eat more fiber watch sugar/sodium content.
10. Walk/run 3-5 days a week. 1-2 x's a week workout DVD or Pilates.