Tuesday, April 28, 2009
How is everyone doing?? I hope all is well with everyone. I lost .5
lbs this week not what I wanted to see but at least it's a loss. I
worked out 2 x's this past week and I know I could of done better. If
my darn hip wasn't hurting so bad. I've been taking 800 mg ibprofen to
help with the pain and its helped a little. Sunday the toddler and I
was already awake and my husband slept in and when he got up he came
into the living room and leah looked up at him and said "I'm pregnant"
LOL it was soooo funny! I think I laughed for 5 minutes. Kids really
do say the darnest things.
I went for a pap smear this morning they said they call me with the
results. I have to go back May 11th for a pregnancy test they said
they where too busy to do it today. My period hasn't been regular
since last October. So we will see.

I found out last night that since I'm laid off I may be able to return
to school as part of the stimulus plan so I'm here at my local career
center trying to find more info about it.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I finally got my 30 day shred DVD in the mail last friday. I Haven't done any of the shred yet but plan on doing a workout when the toddler takes a nap. Sunday i got on the treadmill with a book and before I knew it I had walked 30 minutes. I was only walking at a 2.0 but i have to say it was good despite my hip has been giving me problems for almost 2 months now. I'm not sure what's going on with my hip but I wished it would stop hurting me. I fell off a step at my husbands Aunts & Uncles I think it was back in January. I guess for almost a month I hobbled around then I got to feeling better and got my treadmill and started to do the couch to 5k. I don't know maybe its all this weight and its finally taking a toll. I've gained weight in the last little while 5 pounds to be exact and i'm trying to get back on track. I weighed this mornin at 265.4 which is a .6 loss but i will take it.
ITS MINE! For the first time leah fell asleep on the couch while watching tv. Thought i'd share this

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feeling Pretty Darn Good

Did any of you watch Biggest Loser Last Night? I've watched about 75% of it that I Tivo and I must say I love to Transformations of the Contestants. They look so Great. I think Mike is really looking Great too! I really felt bad for his brother Max and hope to maybe see more of his cause his story broke my heart and I really wanted and still want him to Succeed. But,his brother is right just because we aren't on Biggest Loser doesn't mean we can't succeed at this weight loss thing either. We don't need a Show to be successful at it. If we want it we can achieve it! Like MammaBear June Told me in comments yesterday What's The use? My husband & Child. At the end of the day it doesn't matter what everyone in the world thinks of me but that of my husband and child and everyone else that loves me. At the end of the day I want to be here for them and be 100% for them.
I got on the Treadmill for a few while the toddler napped and she woke up and wanted to walk on it too so I walked a little bit more with her walking with me. She's 2 1/2 years old now as of this week and just by seeing me walk she loves to get on there and walk. Sometimes she gets more of a workout on it than I do. But,I hope to instill these sort of things into her where when she gets older she will want to go for a walk or even a run.
I've got loads of pictures I want to put up here of the Easter Weekend will try and get to that tomorrow. Took her to see the Easter bunny and she love it!!! I got tons of pictures of it and she looks so cute with it! She cried when she had to leave the bunny. My back has been killing me lately not sure if its a UTI or if its just pain? I guess I better drink more water I have no excuse I have a Brita Pitcher and a Brita faucet filter so no excuses there. I've even gotten marty my husband to take up on drinking water and he hates water. oNCE it starts warming up I'm going to try and get my husband to go for walks with me after suppertime. We use to do that alot when we first married but we haven't done that in a long time.
Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting Real

Okay I need to get real and stop making excuses why after week after week I don't see the scale move err.....at least moving in the right direction. I have to be real with you I've not worked out since February maybe even later than that. I remember I was eating okay working out while toddler napped but then I got sick and Workouts have been something that should be put in the history book of my life. I've not really worked out much since. I've been so exhausted and tired that some days all I want to do is sleep and I know that alot of it cause by being cooped up into this house and not doing much besides what little housework I can get away with. I'm so exhausted I don't even know where to start. I know I've been depressed too. I'm not taking my thyroid meds and don't have the money to even go to the doctor right now to even get them. I'm really needing to do something. If anyone knows of any Thyroid Remedies please let me know. I've heard Coconut oil helps but I can't even stand the taste. I've been there done that! I know I've been more depressed that I care to even admit and I hate getting that way! Almost to the point of wondering what would others do if I wasn't around and I know thats not healthy! I've gained weight and hear this voice in the back up my head that says whats the use of even trying??? But I know I know I need to stop that sort of thinking and get real with myself and take my life by the handle bars so to speak and get a grip of things. I know I can loose this weigh heck I've done it before. So,for motivation with $$ my husband gave me for my Birthday I bought 30 Day Shred that so many of you bloggers have been talking about and I'm going to give it a Try. I ordered it through Amazon and I found it pretty cheap and I also got my netflicks going again and I seen there are alot of Jillian,Biggest Loser and Bob workouts on there so I'm going to get them and try and get copies of them soon that way I will have a copies of them and have something to workout to everyday. I walked a little today but hopefully I can do more tomorrow. I have to end this but hopefully I will get a chance to workout again tomorrow.
Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter

easter Pictures, Images and Photos
Well I've been finishing up trying to get my laundry done today! Its been so Beautiful the last 2 days here in Tennessee. I just hope the weather holds out so it will be nice for Easter Weekend. This will be the first Official year Leah Has Celebrated Easter. Last year this time my husband had had his wreck and was in the hospital. This past weekend I took Leah to a local Elementary School on A Saturday where they had our little town's Easter Celebration they have for the Kids Every year. Last year they had it 2 weeks early and it was raining so I didn't let Leah Go. My niece,Beth went with me and we all had a blast. They had free activities for the whole family. First we went to the Craft Booth and we made Leah a hat! I wished I had gotten a picture of it before she managed to destroy it!!! But we had glued a pink bow with a little bouquet of flowers.
I kept promising her all week that she was going to get to see the Easter Bunny and Luckily they had not only an Easter Bunny but a Doggy too!! Leah loved them but,she acted like she was too afraid to go by herself so,she grabbed my arm and luckily Beth had my camera phone and she took pictures and she got a decent one. Leah wanted me to go with her which I thought was so cute. She kept hugging the dog which was priceless and it made her day! She just kept hugging him and I know the guy probably wished he'd get off her but it was so cute. We then stood in line to get Leah's Face painted but the line was so long. We never got her face painted they called Ages 1-3 for the Egg Hunt and since there was such a huge crowd the kids could only get 10 eggs a piece. They where fake eggs that had candy in them. The place I live is out in the Country and at most has 200 hundred people and take that most of those are probably older people so this is a small area but there was all kinds of young people there. I say close to 500 people where there which I don't think is fair to kids that are actually from here. I knew of at least 5 people i saw that was from a different county. My sister came with her 5 kids and she doesn't even live in this area. But,I guess it made it much more interesting. I ran into an old friend there. She actually use to be my bf in Elementary school and the Crazy thing is she just lives right down the street from me. She has a 2 year old little boy that's around the same age as Leah.
Saturday evenings we have been trying to do a bible study with my dad although we invite other people I mainly try and get my dad to come. It gives me an excuse to visit my parent and I think that's why my husband,Marty suggested we do something like this. My dad is really knowledgeable when it comes to stuff about the bible too and I think that would help Marty. Leah is something else!! She is so routy and I just can't see how I handle her at times. She was so routy that she was grabbing my bible while I tried to read for my dad and she kept carrying on and I wished she only better behaved than that especially when it comes to a Church Like Setting.
Leah played with my mom for a bit before they left. I got some pictures cause it is a rare ocassion for them to play around. We then went to walmart to find me something for my birthday and I really didn't see anything I cared for so,we just went home. I think I'm going to save my Birthday Money and get a Blockbuster movie rental account FYI its something similar to Net flicks. We didn't go to bed till about 1 am. My husband discovered that we can get Face book on our phones and he joined. So cool so,Just another way to stay in touch i guess. My Internet will probably be cut off soon so maybe when I can I will get on there. Sunday we didn't go to church we just hung around the house. Marty and Leah went to Town and got us lunch at Hardees' and later that night I made a homemade stew which was okay but could had better if I had cooked the stew meat longer. We fooled around watching Funny Baby Videos on YouTube and Leah was trying to do break dancing like one of the kids it was sooo cute!!!
Monday was my 30 Birthday! It was okay but,I got into this depressive mode. It rained most of the day and Started to Snow and the day before It was in the 70's. Who would of thought snow in April!!! I had no way of talking to anyone not even online or my phone so I was really depressed. My husband got me this cute little card that sang and Leah kept trying to get it cause it sang. She loves music and dancing. About 5 pm my niece Beth and her dad came over. What a huge surprise. She brought burgers,chips,cake and ice cream! It was such a surprise and it made my day that she thought of me. Tuesday Beth went with me and Leah to see my husband at his work but we ran late so we didn't see him long :( But I drove around all day it seems like.
Lost was Awesome last night wasn't it!! Such a great episode. I really hope to see Charlie the singer soon. I think if anyone can be brought back from death he could. I loved his character and I think he's a great actor. I wished they'd hurry up and show more reunion type stuff of the Survivors of the originally crash. I want to see more stuff on Sawyer & Kate and Jin & sun. I guess there is just so much that needs to be told this season.

Tonight Grey's Anatomy comes on and I just hope its a new episode. I wished to find out if Katherine Heigl is leaving or what???? I heard since hitting the big time she has became a MAJOR Snob which I hope not because I just love her. I wished there was more to her story line with George :( and its been such a huge disappointment that they finally brought Denny back and the storyline was a bust. I mean I was wanting more than the hallucinations. Its coming to the point where most shows end abruptly Have you watched shows Go past 10 Seasons hmmm not many! or even 6 for that matter not many. I really like little grey and I think her career is just beginning. I think mcsteamy is her mcdreamy. You know we don't all have that one Mcdreamy in our lives. I mean your mcdreamy may not be my mcdreamy? am I not right?

I'm also going to catch Harper's Island. It looks very interesting. I love mysteries anyways and I think its going to be very interesting to watch. check out Harper's Globe for more info.
Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday!!!!!

Yep! Today is my Birthday. My 30th Birthday to be Exact!!! Have I done
anything special to Celebrate??? No I haven't. It seems like things
aren't getting any better for us Financially and I think tomorrow I'm
going job hunting. Our Anniversary was in Febuary as was Valentine's
Day. My husband didn't do one solid thing for me to even Celebrate the
event. I know we are struggling but, he could of done something. He
gave me $40 for my Birthday but, get this..... He had to borrow it for
gas money to go back & forth. I know the last thing I should be is
greedy but it's been like this for the last 5 years. I'm so sick and
tired of doing without. I know I should be thankful for what I do have
but I'm just so sick of it!!! I don't know what's going on with my
Internet it's not worked since earlier this morning. My cable tv is
working so I know it's not been cut off the bill isn't even due yet.
So I'm not sure what's going
on?!?!?! Anyways, I guess I'm just a little depressed today cause
it's just me and my 2 year old today! My prepaid Verizon Cell Phone is
out of mins and I can't even use the computer. So I'm without any sort
of communication with the World and here it is my 30th Birthday!!! I
guess with it being my birthday I'm just depressed Happy Birthday to
me ð‡.
I weighed myself last night and I've gained 5 lbs ugh!!!! I really
must start getting on track. I've been so tired lately. My right leg
has been going numb and I've even had cramp like feelings from my butt
muscle down to my ankle. Last night before I went to bed I elevated it
and this morning It felt better!! I'm hoping I can find a job soon and
maybe I can get health insurance so I can start seeing a doctor.
Maybe he/she can find out what's going on.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Healthy Me

I’ve not gotten to workout yet this week!! its Frustrating. Tuesdays are so busy for me. I usually get my unemployment check on Tuesdays and I go grocery shopping and pay a couple bills and it usually takes up most of my day and usually the toddler and myself go and take a nap afterwards.

Last week I weighed in on Saturday at 263 which is up from where I have been but,I can’t let myself get too off track. I’ve been trying to do better although I’ve not worked out all week. I weighed myself this morning and I weighed in at 261.8 so That’s an improvement. The toddler didn’t take a Nap all day today and Really I’ve been busy washing the laundry and hanging it outside on the line. Cleaning up after the toddler. My husband seems to do a better job about making her pick up after herself. sometimes I feel like I get no where with her and the more I tell her to do something the more she doesn’t do it! Even if I discipline her actually it seems like she gets worse if I do spank her or put her in time out..ugh!!!! Anyways,I’ve been so busy today cleaning and I just seem to do more when its nice out.

My birthday is on April 6th and I’d love to get some new DVDs for my Birthday hubby asked what I wanted but,I’m not sure thought of getting some new DVDs so if you know of anything PLEASE Please Give me some ideas. I posted this same question on the Biggest Loser Blog Edition Boards but never got a response. I don’t feel too much with that challenge if anything it seems like everyone just does their own thing unlike HYC where I seem to get more support from. Maybe its me I don’t know. Anyways if you have any great ideas as far as workout DVDs please send me your suggestions cause I’m wanting to start doing something a few times a week to work other areas. I feel like my lower abs our out of kilter and would love to find something that really works the abs.

This isn’t a big change but it is progress. I’m thinking of starting to do progress pictures. Maybe post one every month to see if there is a change in the pictures. My digitial camera doesn’t seem to work like I’d like for it to so Maybe I can get it to work for a bit to get the progress pictures. Maybe soon I can get me a new camera. I want the flip but not sure how great the still pictures are??? Anyways I’m hoping to workout tomorrow. Its so hard to workout with the toddler around on the treadmill always afraid she may try and get on it when I am walking fast or even running. Maybe I should just do a video and maybe she’d follow too….. However we did get a little workout today. She loves the Wiggles I guess cause it has alot of music and dancing and everytime she hears music especially when the wiggles is on she wants me to Dance With her so I guess we danced on and off this morning for close to 30 mins. It was Fun!!!!

Facebook,Twitter & MySpace oh my………

I know there has been alot of TALK on Several Blogs I’ve read within in the last week about all the Social Media Sites. Like I told Mel on her Blog Box of Chocolates this morning I never planned on Being one of these Top Bloggers to get tons of Followers. I love all of them and I love talking to people. There are times in life where I just Don’t have the time to talk to everyone. Even on the Blogs I frequently visit I don’t always get to leave a comment. I use NewsGator to read my feeds and I can sync all my Feeds throughs NetNewsWire App on my iPod Touch. I try to keep up with all my faves but,like I said I’m just too busy to comment on all of them all the time. I’m a Stay at Home Mom and Yes,I am busy believe it or not. I couldn’t fathom how much more busy I’d be if I had more kids…lol. I never wanted to have lots of readers or so Called followers to read my blog. At first it was just to vent about what was bugging me and still I use it for that at times. But,I’ve tried to keep my blog private from Friends and Family cause,I feel its just that……PRIVATE! I guess I’m crazy that way I’d rather complete strangers read my thoughts than my closest family and friends. I currently blog mostly about my weight loss efforts and I guess I haven’t been real to even the closest of friends in real life. I blog because If I need to vent I have an outlet to do so and Its ALWAYS Helped me to write things out and clear my head.

Now I first Started going to MySpace mainly because My step-Daughter,Andrea was living with us and she kept encouraging me to start an account. I hooked up with old friends and even realized I even had family on there. I thought it was awesome that you can get all kinds of friends on MySpace. I Would go to Sites like CafeMom or Babyfit Among other sites and Others where posting their myspace info so I did too. I got lots off ppl to add me that way and don’t get me wrong I’m sure they are great people but,I can count on one hand how many times I’ve talked to them. I guess I just don’t have much in common with these “mommies” I guess I just thought it was neato at first to talk to her mommies online. I rarely use myspace now that my Step-Daughter moved in with her mother. I don’t know why I guess Having a Toddler who is more than I can handle at times I just think its more of a hassle to even turn my computer on when she’s awake! !! I have an iPod Touch and I have the MySpace Mobile App on there but,I just don’t like using it. Its more of a hassle to me!! But,if you love MySpace and Want to add me Feel free too because Who can’t use more friends. But if you want to add me I hope You will talk to me. Lately I rarely get on there but just to check messages. Here is my MySpace Profile


At some Point I Joined Facebook but,Can’t Remember when really just to find some old High School Friends that wasn’t on Myspace. I found some friends and we talk ocassionally but,Frankly I use it mainly to update what I’m doing.  I’ve just recently started to use it more. I’ve lots of old Friends and some new but,I vowed Facebook wouldn’t be like my MySpace. I guess I use it for a select few internet friends. I Try Not to post anything about my blogs on there because to me its very private and just don’t want alot of old friends knowing some stuff. It’s weird how you don’t want ppl you’ve known all your life knowing CERTAIN Things about your life. Although I have posted my blog links and Hopefully those few ppl who have checked it out won’t take offence to anything I say. I use Facebook alot more now I like the Face that you can add the Twitter App and be able to update your twitter status on Twitter or any Mobile Twitter App and that same Status is updated on your Facebook too!! I think thats just neat!! So if you didn’t know that and want to save time you now have that info…lol So,if you want to look me up I don’t mind here i am on Facebook


I started looking at more Blogs and I found iJustine cause I had seen a video of

hers on Tv where she had her 1st iPhone Bill with a huge stack of papers for just one bill. I saw that she was on Twitter and she was talking about Twitter and I was curious about it and saw that you can post Status messages on what your currently doing and I just think its awesome that you can post what Your doing at that moment so of course I joined. I like that ppl that I’m following I can see what they are doing too. But,I will be honest Twitter has became unfun for me lately. There has been lots of ppl I’ve added that uses Twitter to Chat back and Forth to other Tweeples and hold a converstation. ummm… HELLO People that’s what Direct Messaging is for!!!! So if you want to Say something to me and maybe hold a little convo PLEASE PLEASE DM me ppl not trying to be rude I just think it Ruins Twitter and I love Twitter so don’t ruin it for me tweeple. So if you want to follower me @BoosPlace please do so because I think Twitter is the best site EVER!!! Yes,I’m a Twitter addict and probably update my status a little too much! At times I feel that I’m just talking to myself and I have a select few that actually  respond if I do post a question on there and Truly feel at times I’m being ignored but,I do know lots of ppl that solely use Twitter on their phones too.
   I saw this cute Video about Twitter on YouTube the other day that another blogger posted on her site and I thought it was so Cute!!! I couldn’t help to crack up laughing so in case you’ve not seen it yet here it is.