Saturday, May 31, 2008

No pain no gain!!

I usually write out a draft for my blog post using my iPod Touch. I
really like that I can do that cause I love blogging but, my husband
doesn't like me being on the computer much so this way all I have to
do is go on my blog site & update it about once a week.

I received my new Firm Series TransFIRMation kit this past Wednesday.
I done most of the hi-def sculpt. Till my husband came in with our
little girl. She was crying. I believe she is beginning to cut her jaw
teeth which are here only teeth left to come in. Anyways, I rested on
Thursday but I done 20 mins of Cardio party Friday, until my little
girl began crying again. I really feel down though because I've been
doing herbalife. I drink 2 meal replacement shakes and various
vitamins. I don't know what it is but I feel so tired, exhausted and
always feel like I'm starving. Don't know what's going on. I really
need to go to the doctor to get my thyroid medication. I can get some
coconut oil and its suppose to help your thyroid and give you more
energy. I thought I might try that. I had a dream I was pregnant &
didn't even know it!!! I would love to have another baby but, I know
I need to get some of this weight off me. I'm too big and people don't
need to let me know because I already know!!! I hate it when people
act like you don't know your fat!!

I'm getting my hair cut & highlighted on June 10th. A girl I used to
go to school with is cutting it. The salon she works for is called.
"New Beginnings" I will post a picture of myself when I get it done.
I'm getting strawberry blonde highlights put in it. I have reddish-
brown hair so, I think it will look good. I'm tired of being down on
myself and not taking care if myself. I feel like Im trapped in some
kinda depression I can't get myself out of. I feel like I can only
workout after work and I told my husband he'll have to watch leah
while I work out cause its the only time to myself and it seems to be
the only thing that releases all the stress. I feel I'm so stressed
beyond belief. Marty's aunt usually does most of the cooking and she
almost makes the same thing everynite. Cornbread,beans and fried
chicken. She is no chief but its food in our tummies. But, its also
high in carbs. I cant keep eating like that. Or I'm gonna eat my way
to a heart attack.
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

I h8t3 stupidity!!!!!

Like I said before we ended up moving in with my husbands Aunt & Uncle. I hated doing it because I don't care for them at all. I don't care to help them out while we are here but, I hate it here for 1 & 2 this isn't my house its not home to me. I feel like I can't do what I want to do when i want to do it. They are loud and could care less if they wake my little girl up which ticks me off. They do really small trivial things to get on my nerves. I ask if they've drank our milk and knowing full well they had and they lie to my face. I buy them all kinds of food,can cold drinks and when its toward the end of the month they have drinks and I know they do and i ask if I could have something to drink and they lie and say they don't have anything. Its not that they have something that's theirs but its the fact that they lie to my face about it. I can't stand a liar!!! To believe they go to church. What's the world coming to??

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I've went bongers

I've known that the Jeep Grand Cherokee we bought has some things wrong with it but I never thought it was to bad. What can I say?? I love Jeeps!! The fuel pump has been making a funny noise so we thought that it was going out. Well my husband put a new fuel filter on it a few months ago it helped but, I guess it wasn't going to fix my problem. Yesterday on my way to work it was acting funny. I could barely touch the gas pedal. It kept jerking it acted like it was coming out of it and thought I could get home from work but I could only go 5-10 MPH and there where times it was like it had stalled. I even pulled over several times. It took 30 mins for me to get home. I was such a nervous wreck by the time I got home I just gave the keys to my hubby and told him to find out what's wrong. He thought it could be bad gas but, he called me like 3 hours later him and his cousin,Wayne was stranded. We ended up pulling the jeep in with a 1977 Chevy Silverado
pickup truck. Pretty bad and old truck had to haul in a fairly new jeep. My husband called autozone and its Gonna cost around $250 for a new fuel pump. That will pretty much eat up my whole check. Ugh!! Can things get any worse.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Down & out

Well, since my husbands car wreck I had to go back to work. It doesn't seem right that other people besides me are taking care of my little girl, Leah. It makes me feel like I'm not doing my job as a mother. Marty's aunt Diane is suppose to be watching her but she doesn't. She acts more concerned about those other kids she watches. In my humble opinion she watches more kids than she can handle. Most the time my husband watches her anyhow. She acts like it kills her to watch her while I do anything. I don't work many hours so, most of our money on gas getting to work or doctor appointments, food or other bill. I hope & pray we hear some good news on my husbands dissability claim soon. All kinds of doctors offices are calling and writing wanting more money to pay these doctor & hospitial bills. I don't think its right that we are having to pay these bills when the car accident was that girls fault. I wished I could find some way to make her pay for what
she has done. It makes me furious our lives seem like its been turned upside down because of one person carelessness. We had to move in with Martys aunt and uncle which, I hate. I know I'm not beneath them but, they do so much to get on my nerves. But what else where we to do? Our rent and electric was due the week of the accident and I hadn't even went to work yet and Marty was in the hospitial for 2 weeks. It was the very last thing I wanted. To move in with his aunt & uncle. I know 2 families in one house can be a bad thing.

On a good note though I'm trying my hardest to take better care of myself eat better,exercise and try to take care myself mind, body & soul. I've started doing herbalife and hopefully in the next few days I'll get The Firm Workout DVDs in the mail soon and I can start doing my workouts of the afternoon when I get in from work.
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Long time no blog!!

Its been a long time since I've done any blogging. On march 20,2008 my husband was on his way home from work when a careless woman driver pulled out in front of him. He was going the legal speed too!! She hit him pretty hard and he skidded about 200 feet. His head went through the windsheild. Luckily he was wearing his
Seatbelt. The other driver had no lisecse, no insurance and several other citations. It doesn't seem fair that he has to go through this and nothing has happened to her. That night I had already had the house cleaned, supper done and I was just waiting for my husband to get home. Then I got the call and its changed our lives completely. Marty, my husband was in Erlanger Hospitial for almost 2 weeks. I never left his side except to grab something to eat. We have a now 19 month old daughter. It was so hard being away from her and I felt all alone. I felt noone was really there for me. In the past my dad would drive back in forth to see my sister crystals husband but I felt noone was really there for me. My sister lori came when she could. I often felt like breaking down and even still do. My whole world as I knew it was turned upside down. Luckily my husband is still alive I guess that's all that matters now.

Anyways my husband right side of his face was cut open so badly and gashed up he couldn't even open his eye for over a week. He dislocated & fractured his left index finger. It looked like a pretzel. He crushed about all the bones in his rotor cuff of his hip. He had to have surgery on his hip and still can't walk on it for at least another 6 weeks. Hopefully he will be able to go back to work after he does some physical theraphy on his leg. Just pray he will be able to.

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